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4 Zodiacs Who Will Feel A Big Life Shift During 2024’s Libra Season

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Cardinal signs will be the most impacted by this Libra Season, beginning on April 23rd, 2024. Cardinals, you will have to show yourselves a lot of love and patience because Venus in Leo is still here for a few more weeks. Make sure to be patient and kind and listen to your needs. If things are not going your way or plans are not working the way you expected them to, give yourselves a break and relax. The goal here is to be chill and remember to take it slow. See how this transit will impact your major cardinal placements which are the rising, sun, or moon signs.

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Happy Birthday, Libra! The energy tied with this transition is about taking charge and learning more about how to do things your way. Your intuition is potent during this transit, especially with Mercury still in Virgo, preparing to move into your sign on October 4th. If a relationship is not working in your favor, you have Mars’ influence pushing you to start a new chapter. It is a time when you will feel much more prepared to let go and move on from toxic people who are draining your energy. Pluto will be stationing directly on October 10th, allowing you to reconcile, heal, and bring more harmony to your home environment. It is a transit that may have felt very challenging, but you have learned and grown a lot, giving you the fortitude to move ahead. Once Mars enters the sign of Scorpio on October 12th, you will be more in tune with your energy. It is a transit where you will focus on working hard to achieve more success at school or work but make sure to take breaks to prevent burnout.

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Having this energy at the highest point in your chart can bring many positive changes and lessons. This month could teach you to become more comfortable taking on leadership positions, either at home, school, or work. There is a wave of responsibility during this transit that will have you on your toes, prepared to make any necessary moves to help you get to where you want. Mars in Libra right now is giving you insight and plenty of opportunities to change the game in your favor, and things get a lot more interesting when Mercury moves into the sign of Libra on October 4th, bringing the focus back to you. On October 10th, Pluto in Capricorn will be stationing directly. Another very important transit that has allowed you to evolve and become more of a fighter. However, you are used to this energy, and having this planet station direct just means you can move forth with a lot more knowledge and understanding. Mars will enter the sign of Scorpio on October 12th, adding more fuel to your potent Libra season. Mars here is going to reshape the way you think and add more confidence.

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With this energy happening in your relationship house, this transit can mean that you may encounter many people from your past or meet new people now. You are much more social, friendly, and optimistic having multiple planets in the seventh house. On April 29th, the Full Moon is happening in your sign, allowing you to close chapters and reflect on an initiative you may have started six months ago. The Full Moon here brings you plenty of opportunities to change the path you want to go on or analyze the mistakes made. On October 4th, Mercury will be in the sign of Libra, once again giving you the energy to meet people and get in touch with those you no longer speak to. Your ruler, Mars, will be in the sign of Scorpio on October 12th. With this transit, you will be tested and pushed to new limits. Nevertheless, you know how to harness your inner power so you will be victorious and unstoppable after this transit.

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This Libra Season will have you taking much-needed breaks. There is more awareness now as you enter this transition period where you will shift the energy to be more forgiving and show yourself kindness. Libra season will focus a lot on the meanings of Venus, since the planet of love and romance is still in fiery Leo, shifting your relationships; Pluto stationing direct on October 10, 2024 will also impact love and romance. You may focus on the romantic connections that are meaningful and may want to reconsider a relationship where the balance of power is off. Right now, you will be more centered on your needs, and nothing will stop you. If you want to reconcile with someone, this transit will give you the focus and energy to have the conversation and experience a reconciliation. Remember, this Venus season, you should not settle for less and make time to give yourself the rest you need and deserve.

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