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4 Zodiacs Who Will Experience Intense Heartbreak Before Finding Their Soulmate

Most people aren’t going to find their true love on the first try. They are going to date a few different frogs before finding their prince or princess. And that’s okay. Even though heartbreak isn’t easy to go through, sometimes it’s necessary in order to discover what you really want out of a relationship and life as a whole. Here are the zodiacs who will experience intense heartbreak before finding that one special person:


You are going to learn so much from every failed relationship – about yourself and about what you are looking for in the love department. Once you realize what type of person makes you unhappy, it will be easier to figure out what type of person will make you happy. It will be easier to weed out the people who aren’t a great fit for you in the future. Remember, even though it might feel like your heartbreak is the worst thing to ever happen to you, it is better than staying with the wrong person and believing it’s love when it’s not. It’s better that you’ve gotten away from this person now, so you can find the person you’re really meant to be with. Losing your ex is leaving you open for when your soulmate comes along.


You are going to experience intense heartbreak before finding your soulmate because it’s tricky to get it right on the first try. Even though you usually feel like you have a good head on your shoulders and make smart decisions, love isn’t always straightforward. You can’t fault yourself for falling for the wrong person. You can’t blame yourself when they were the one who hurt you. They were the one who made a mistake. Don’t swear off of love because someone else did you wrong. You are going to find love again, and next time, it might be with your real soulmate.


You are going to experience intense heartbreak before you find your one true love, but that’s okay because you want to feel like you’ve explored your options. You want to feel like you saw what was out there. You never intended on settling, and if you ended up with the very first person you dated, then you would always question what else was out there. You would always wonder whether you were truly happy or only thought you were happy. At least you had the chance to see what it was like to date the wrong person. That’s valuable information. That will help you when you discover the right person.


You are going to experience intense heartbreak before finding your soulmate because you love with your whole heart. You don’t do anything halfway. When you’re in a relationship, you give them every single piece of you. So when you break up, you feel like everything is falling apart. Although you might wish you weren’t dealing with this level of pain right now, you’re only feeling this deeply because you let yourself love so fully. You should be proud of yourself for this. Some people always hold back out of fear, but you enjoyed every moment while it lasted. The right person is going to love this about you. They are going to find it so refreshing after dealing with heartbreaks of their own

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