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4 Zodiacs Who Will Emerge From Their Growth Cocoons In November

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A ‘Growth Cocoon’ is any period of time where externally, things feel pretty mundane and stagnant, but internally, profound transformations are taking place, often to the surprise of the person going through them, either because they are too hard on themselves, or the change is happening in such small increments that it becomes almost imperceptible on a day to day level. It’s not until an emergence from the cocoon offers a clear break between past and present and reveals the change in a tangible way that the process comes into view.

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Sagittarius is always noodling with some new hobby or lofty dream that they create their own brand of glass ceiling for themselves. They can develop a wide skill set but never believe in their own ability to break through a certain level of success beyond the amateur or recreational. Everything is ‘for fun’ or ‘a good story’ or ‘great for laughs’ until they step out of their Growth Cocoon this month and realize their sustained regular practice has yielded results beyond their own imagination. When they receive their first monetary compensation for this skill, they will look back on the last months and years with a totally different mindset. For once, they will take themselves and their abilities seriously.

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Virgo has been processing something emotionally, without realizing that’s what they were doing. Typically, when they bottle up their feelings, it results in a kind of Coke plus Mentos chemical reaction that is bound for a messy and uncontrollable explosion, but this time, the chemistry is different. The prolonged pressure has produced a diamond of sorts, something with a clear value for Virgo they never imagined could emerge from such a seemingly negative experience. It’s not until they step outside of their Growth Cocoon that they see how necessary that experience was for them to get to this next step, next goal, next relationship. In the chess game of life, this sacrifice was necessary for their ultimate victory.


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Capricorn has had to buckle down and be frugal for an extended period of time, forgoing so many little pleasures their life has felt like a grind and nothing more. Whatever financial mishap they’ve been trying to rectify or long-term goal they’ve been saving for, it’s often felt impossible to reach or like the effort wasn’t worth the pain. It’s only when they cross that pivotal finish line that they can step out of the Growth Cocoon. The minute that debt is paid off or the nest egg is complete, they can start to enjoy the financial freedom they’ve bought themselves with sweat and tears instead of dollars. The plans they are able to make as a result will instantly seem worth all the $5 coffees they said no to along the way.


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Scorpio’s Growth Cocoon is about self discovery. They are constantly people pleasing, and often have little time to explore their own wants, needs, and habits. A period of romantic stagnation has left Scorpio feeling bored and lonely, drained of their confidence and passion for life. But it’s when they exit that cocoon, finally making a new connection based on mutual interests that they realize just how much they’ve learned about themselves over the past year. Unlocking this self-awareness has completely transformed the way they think about attraction and connection. Something with more substance was exactly what they’ve been needing, and this transformation was the key to accessing it.

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