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4 Zodiacs Who Will Embark On A New Life Path Today

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The new life path you embark on as July roars on, Leo, is all about self-sufficiency. You find yourself needing to do things on your own for the first time that you’re used to receiving help with. Your usual support system is at a distance this month, and you’re just going to have to go it alone. Luckily you have technology to consult, but make sure you read all instructions through till the end before you start trying to assemble anything. It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be frustrating, and you’re going to want a quick fix, but it will be worth it once you figure it out on your own. You will feel a level of satisfaction you have never known before, and it will propel you forward to new heights of independence. You will discover your own preferences for the first time, your own way of thinking, your own morals and principles and world views. Just trust in the process and take it one day at a time. Seeds need time to sprout.

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You’re so sentimental, Sagittarius. Anytime change comes your way, you go through a grieving process to let go of all the little details you find near and dear to you. But this month, you threw yourself into the momentum of positivity. It’s okay to drink the kool-aid of the “new”, to get so swept up in the excitement of change that you don’t need that moment to wallow in saying goodbye to the old. You’re not going to suppress anything, you simply see and feel it all side by side and let the good outweigh the bad. You let go of the things you’ve outgrown, that don’t serve you the same anymore. Feel the gratitude for how far they’ve gotten you and turn your mind and your energy toward all of the good that lies ahead. There is so much for you to be curious and energized about this month, it’s only natural that you ride the wave.

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Your new life-path doesn’t feel so new this month, Pisces, but trust me, it is. Sometimes the biggest changes in our lives can happen under our very noses. Sometimes the setting, the characters, the situations all remain the same, and the monumental shift that alters the entire course of our lives happens within our own psyche, a change in our perspective. This month you walk into the same job you’ve been at forever and try something different. Look at something ordinary in a completely new way and give it a different approach. Walk into the same recurring meeting in a different state of mind, in a different emotional state, and watch what happens. You open yourself up to a wider world of possibility within the exact same reality, and everything starts to change. The smallest shift in attitude will yield compounding exponential growth. You’ll have to run to catch up with yourself.

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Cancer, your new life path is difficult, but is one without which a life would be incomplete. You embark on a path of unlearning old beliefs and adopting newer, more informed perspectives. It is always hard to face the reality of things we thought we knew, things we took for granted, being proven wrong or flawed before our very eyes. The day we learn Santa Claus isn’t real is just as hard as the day we learn our parents are regular people and not superhumans. Take it one day at a time—you need to process the new information and let it soak in. There are some lessons we cannot digest in a matter of minutes or even a day. Don’t be afraid to do the hard work, to learn how to really listen, how to learn. You are on this life path because you need to seek out truth and knowledge. At times it will feel like ignorance would be bliss, but in your heart of hearts you know you’d never be satisfied with a half-truth.

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