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4 Zodiacs Who Will Discover Their Inner Power On September 10

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Pisces, your inner power is your emotional literacy. You underestimate its value, often getting pegged as the friend who cries too much, or the employee who doesn’t understand “it’s just business”. The truth is you’re as close to a therapist without actual schooling, and you have the ability to see through the “logic” of everyone around you. Those who claim to think through things instead of feeling through them are simply blind to their own motivations. Ambition, a hunger for power, insecurity, overcompensation, and displacement are all powerful motivations hiding behind people who claim to crunch numbers, evaluate risk, and inform their decisions with “data”. Not to put science or facts under question, more than they already are in this current reality. It’s just that you see what lies beyond, Pisces. Why do we feel a need to discover the unknown in the first place? Because we’re so uncomfortable with our own ignorance. You get to be slightly more comfortable than the rest though, Pisces, because you see the futility in trying to hide that fact any longer.

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Libra, your power is the ability to see the full picture. People tend to throw their eggs into one basket: the negative basket or the positive basket. The negative basket is a slippery slope towards a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we never believe anything good will happen to us, we’re less likely to raise our hand or put ourselves in a position where it can happen to us. On the other hand, the positive basket lacks sincerity, empathy, and trustworthiness. The telltale sign of a great person is someone who is genuinely nice 95% of the time and then throws in one snarky comment. The person who never says anything negative at all is always hiding something. Where your power comes in, Libra, is an ability to divvy up your thoughts and energy into both baskets. You have a realism about your challenges and opportunities that allows you to set realistic expectations for yourself that create an emotional equilibrium. You’re neither constantly let down nor expecting everything to be rainbows and sunshine, and you’re able to reach contentment with that criteria.

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Aquarius, your power is clairvoyance, or an ability to envision things before they’ve come to fruition. You can place yourself mentally into a fulfilling career, a healthy relationship, and a vibrant community all without having found the people, things, opportunities, or places to get there. You know the destination without being able to place it on a map, and simply intuit your way towards that goal by seeking out the moments in your life that resonate with that vision. Maybe there is a colleague or a project that seems to fit the outline of future successful you. So you put the time, energy, and enthusiasm into seeing it through to the end. Maybe you’ve had a handful of great dates with someone new and made choices to lay the groundwork that allowed a more serious relationship to bloom. Maybe you finally stumbled into that cute bar down the street on your own, without any plans, and struck up a conversation with a stranger. You build the life you want one day at a time, Aquarius, and that is your secret power.

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Your power is the ability to get all of your ducks in a row, Capricorn. A color-coded, sortable spreadsheet replete with all the necessary equations to run your life. Every area gets the same meticulous, manicured attention. You make everyone feel like a priority, while still having the time to juggle so many at once. You are the proof that you really can have it all. You can support yourself and share your resources with the people around you. You can balance career and friendships and relationships. You can eat nutritious meals and indulge in chocolate cake. You can travel and still love the place you come home to. When you put the effort into your own life, you get to reap the rewards. The people who don’t think it’s possible have never even thought to try. You know the power a good plan has to take you even farther than you ever imagined. There is no area of your life that doesn’t benefit from a Capricorn’s magic touch.

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