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4 Zodiacs Who Will Demand What They Deserve In February

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To be seen.

Capricorn has been consistently ignored by someone in their daily orbit, and treated as if they didn’t exist. Whatever the beef between the two, a clear lack of cordiality has eroded Capricorn’s patience and nerves. This is the month where they stand up for themselves once and for all and tell this person that a level of professionalism is the bare minimum for the kind of daily proximity between them. There’s no expectation for them to become best friends, or put on a facade of any kind, but it’s also not fair to continue singling out Capricorn in a manner that is noticeable to everyone else around. To make Capricorn the only one they don’t greet in the morning or ever address directly. It’s finally time to spell that all out and establish some ground rules.

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To be heard.

Libra deserves to tell their side of the story. They’ve been quiet and let the other person say their piece. They’ve been called every name in the book before having their own dragged through the mud. They’ve tried to take the higher ground in this scenario and refrain from fighting back, but even stoicism has its limits. What Libra has to say can save their reputation in plain words and with little to no confusion. Libra has facts and multiple witnesses on their side, and they will finally bring all of them to their aid to remedy this situation. There is a reasonable explanation to counter every accusation, and they deserve this chance to defend themselves. Even if there is pushback, they will demand the time and attention they are due.

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To not settle.

Taurus doesn’t have to be happy with leftover scraps or half-assed attempts or anything less than honesty and respect in any of their relationships. They don’t deserve to be gaslit or guilt-tripped into feeling grateful for something that no other reasonable adult would take seriously. Taurus has shown patience and compassion, but their time and attention have been taken advantage of at this point. It’s time for them to stand up and enumerate all of the ways in which they deserve better than this present situation. It doesn’t matter who has let them down, or how. They can set a minimum bar in any area of their life and expect the people involved to meet it. Taurus is not obligated to accept next to nothing because it’s all someone is willing to offer them.

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To receive credit for their work.

Scorpio has been taken advantage of in a very specific way by being denied recognition for their own accomplishments. Whether someone tries to pass off the work as their own, downplays Scorpio’s involvement, or simply diminishes the value of the work for their own benefit, the result is the same to Scorpio’s pride and ego. Having their name on the finished product and the proper compensation matter equally to them.

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It’s the principle and the principal of the matter. Literally. So it’s no surprise that Scorpio is willing to stand up for their ability to make a living and their reputation. Their work is their identity. The one thing they want to be evaluated on as a human being. It is a representation of their integrity, drive, and perseverance. Anyone who tries to take that away from them is in for a rude awakening.

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