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4 Zodiacs Who Will Close Old Chapters During This Week’s Full Moon

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The moon is a mysterious thing. Not only does it control the tides and sync with the female hormonal cycle, la lune also seems to correspond with six-month phases down here in our earthly societies. Understanding the moon’s influence in astrological terms enables us to understand the individual and collective seasons of our lives, which in turn allows us to wait patiently for dreams and goals to manifest.

Living attuned to the cycles of the moon relieves a lot of the societal pressure we absorb, as this ancient truth reminds us that there is only so much we can do to usher our own lives along. Sometimes, it’s best just to be patient.

Beginners to astrology might believe the cliché that new moons are good for manifesting, and there is certainly some truth there. Of course, you are unlikely to become a millionaire if your natal transits aren’t calling for financial abundance at that time, but the general idea is accurate: new moons usher in new beginnings, while full moons close them.

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There is rarely a neat, picture-book ending to these cycles. Those who are not at all acquainted with astrology, after all, can live their whole lives without making the connection between their life circumstances and moon transits—although medical personnel have definitely noted an uptick in seemingly random accidents and injuries around the time of the full moon.

This week’s full moon at 2° of Sagittarius provides a subtle yet profound ending to a cycle that began at the time of the new moon in Sagittarius in December 2023. Everyone will experience closure in some area of their life, depending on which house The Archer rules in your natal chart, but if you have placements at or around 2° of the mutable signs, you’re likely to feel the impact most strongly.

Do you have any of the following rising signs? You might be going a little feral under the full moon.


Now that we’re out of the Taurean woods and in the thick of fast-talking, fast-thinking Gemini season, this part of your chart is already heavily activated. The full moon, which falls in your seventh house of relationships and marriage, puts extra pressure on you to balance your autonomy with your obligations to your closest partners. If you’re in a new relationship, anticipate a turning point: moving in together, discussing marriage, or deciding to take a break.

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Your family obligations and the home you’re building for yourself are at odds right now, and lots of you are about to make pilgrimages back to your hometowns this week. The full moon in your fourth house is bringing forth secrets and revelations about your place of origin. Even if you did your very best to run away and never look back, you must come to understand that you can never escape your roots. Stop by to visit your grandparents or flip through an old photo album. Sometimes a little nostalgia is a good thing, as it reminds you where you came from.

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Your identity in the world at large is under review right now, and you’re about to finally give in and allow yourself the rebrand you’re desperately craving. You’re feeling like none of your clothes represent you anymore, your hair is boring, and you’re archiving all your old Instagram posts. Clean out your closet and donate the pieces in your wardrobe that you no longer feel you need. Book an appointment to get your hair done. Call your photographer friend and book a spring session. You deserve to look as unique as you feel right now.

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With the full moon lighting up your tenth house, you’re about to be elevated by your peers and lauded for your accomplishments—unless, of course, an unwanted scandal hits you first. You know what they say: there is no such thing as negative press. Whatever happens, you can weather the storm. Anticipate the spotlight swinging over to you this week, and practice your winning smile in the mirror. Avoid getting too full of yourself, even if you’re richly rewarded under this full moon. With great power comes great responsibility.

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