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4 Zodiacs Who Will Break Free Of Their Need For External Validation In 2024


At their most competitive, Virgo is still always following someone else’s rules. To ‘win’ at anything, Virgo is always stretching and molding themselves to fit a predetermined set of criteria, and for a time or a string of successes, it feels like this is what Virgo was made for. That is, until they come face to face with that first critical peek under their own hood. When someone points out that the kool-aid they’ve been drinking is really just water and sugar, Virgo’s whole world collapses. When your identity has been rooted in becoming and then being the “world’s best kool-aid drinker”, how could it not? But it also opens Virgo up to a host of possibilities. There are so many beverages left to be sampled, espresso and limoncello and smoothies and grape soda, etc. etc. etc. And after really getting to explore their own tastes and preferences, Virgo can concoct a brew of their own making. One that fuels their passions and and dreams and talents in a much more productive way. One that builds them up without the need to tear anyone else down. It’s like figuring out you can make cold brew at home for sooo much cheaper, and then deciding what to do with all the extra money you have lying around. The possibilities are endless.


Capricorn lets the world diminish their worth. They are so concerned with aligning themselves with the image of someone who would never get dumped, fired, abandoned, or passed over that they lose sight of all of the reasons they should get promoted or proposed to, protected or singled out of the eight billion other humans on the planet. Capricorn takes the most impersonal moments in life and makes them painfully personal. At work they might be reduced to a profit or a loss. A first date may have felt a spark or not. A friend may cancel plans because of their own personal reasons. And in every scenario, Capricorn draws a conclusion about their own worth as a result. Their biggest fault is trying to take responsibility for the things in life that are simply the result of chance or external circumstances. As if we should beat ourselves up every time we choose the wrong lottery numbers. Chance implies risk, and each of us, as unique individuals is the embodiment of chance, making millions of decisions in a lifetime that no one can predict, not ever ourselves. Your own ability to surprise yourself, Capricorn, should be validation enough.


Taurus is always looking to send the right signals. To speak, to wear, to do, and say all the right things that imply that they are either a person you would like to be, or be with. But that line of reasoning completely overlooks the question of who they would like to be, and whether or not they can stand to be left alone with themselves at the end of the day. It’s an exhausting feat, trying to people please the entire world, and even politicians don’t aspire to it. They turn to maps and polls, realistically trying to find a path to victory through the people in their power to win over. If only Taurus could right off as losses the factions of their own personal ‘electoral college’ they will never win over, then they could focus their time on the ones that have been cheering them on the entire time. Making that shift from the validation they don’t have to the validation they do have, is the stepping stone that can take them to a place where that validation comes from within. That’s the honest part of a self-actualization journey. Sometimes we need to procure the thing we most want in order to find it’s the thing we least need.


Libra looks to external validation as their own personal moral compass, assuming approval is the best way to reassure themselves they are on the right side, right team, right wording in any given conflict. But the truth is, as human beings, we are often right and wrong, wrong and right while trying to convince the world we are only one thing in most moments of our lives. If Libra looks to others for guidance, they will always be caught in this tug of war. A critical lens can only come from within. We have to externalize the plights and persuasions of others and come up with our own judgements and evaluations. And it is possible, no, it is likely, that when we really take a deeper look to the best of our abilities, we will please no one in the process, because everyone wants to be agreed with in an absolute, and no one lives up to that standard in personal morality. If Libra truly strives to be ‘right’, then they will inevitably end up being accused as ‘wrong’ more times than they can count along the way. The question becomes, is it better to have half of an argument supporting you, or one hundred percent of your own conscience?

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