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4 Zodiacs Who Will Be The Main Character In November 2023

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You know what? It’s your time to shine! At least, it’s your time if you’re one of the following four zodiac signs. November is going to be a great month for you when it comes to all that main character energy you’ll be exuding. It’s your world, and we’re all just living in it. Read on to see what type of main character you’ll be.

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You’ll be the main character in a Life of the Party kind of way. As soon as you enter a room, all eyes are on you. People love your warmth and fun, your boisterous life, your bombastic ideas. This November, you’ll be turning every room you enter into a little party of your own. Even if it’s just a visit to your doctor’s office, the staff will walk away with a smile on their faces after having spent the last half hour hilariously talking about how you got that splinter in the palm of your hand. You’re fun, you’re carefree, and you leave the room better than how you found it.

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You’ll be the main character in a Manic Pixie Dream Girl kind of way. You do things a little differently, and that unique part of you will be what everyone’s paying attention to this November. You have the kind of quirky energy that attracts people. It’s like you’re the center of your own little universe. But just like the Manic Pixie Dream Girls of the movies, you might just attract people who are only interested in how you make them feel, and not who you actually are deep down. Be wary of anyone with bad energy,

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You’ll be the main character in a Making Things Happen kind of way. There are two kinds of people. Those who dream of big things, and those who make those dreams a reality. You’re the latter. This November, you’ll find yourself doing all the things that rarely get crossed off on other people’s to do lists. People will notice, but even if they don’t you’ll still have the deep well of confidence that comes from knowing you can handle anything.

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You’ll be the main character in a Brooding Mystery kind of way. We all know you erect massive walls around your heart–you’re kind of known for it–but that doesn’t always translate into making you seem interesting. Well get ready, because November will find you seeming cool and mysterious instead of being too guarded. You’ll attract people who want to learn all about you but will settle for a cryptic sentence like, “if you only knew.” You’re going to make people swoon, which is fine by you–just as long as they don’t get too close.

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