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4 Zodiacs Who Will Be Shown A Path Forward In September

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You’re the only sign of the zodiac that actively loves having and making choices. You live for the forked road, the Robert Frost moment in time where multiple possibilities exist side by side, and it is in your power to choose which becomes a concrete reality. But, it’s been quite some time since you left your last fork, and truth be told, you’re a little bored with this path and you don’t know how to shake things up without that very public opportunity to make the right choice, the people pleasing choice, the choice that cements you in everyone’s eyes as an Emily Cooper and not a Lauren Conrad, but there is no made-for-tv fork on your current path. If anything, it’s time to admit you’ve reached a dead end. The path you will be shown this month is one that requires you to go off-road, trample some foliage, and see what’s out there for yourself. It’s just you and your moral compass for the foreseeable future.

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You can think up a million hobbies, a million dates, a million vacations that would all suit your need for entertainment, Sagittarius, but all of these choices can sometimes overwhelm you, and can cause you to struggle with moving past the ideation phase and taking action. The thought of committing makes you freeze up and lose the other options on the table. You feel the most free and accomplished when you have a multitude of paths forward, but deep down, you know you yearn to live the “all-in” kind of life you dream of. You want to see that side gig through until it becomes a skill you can claim, instead of a hobby you just ‘dabble’ in. You want to go on dates that are more memorable for the conversation than the novelty cocktails. You want a vacation that introduces you to a new home; a change of scenery that becomes more permanent. The secret that will show you the way forward this month is just to hold your breath and take the plunge.

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You’ve reached an impasse with someone in your social circle, Leo. A family member, a loved one, a colleague, or a close friend. Negotiations have stopped, communication has completely broken down, and both sides are left alone to stew and foment further resentment. Exaggerations have been made, feelings have been hurt, and the people around you both have suffered from the fallout of the conflict, and you’re ashamed of the part you played in what has turned out to be a total mess. This month, you will be presented with a singular opportunity to extend an olive branch without needing to lose face. Just take it. Don’t think too long, don’t wait, don’t waffle. Just do what needs to be done to improve the situation, even slightly, without demanding or expecting anything in return. You know it’s the right thing to do, and that this opportunity is your only chance to not leave things this way forever. It’s crunch time and everyone is counting on you, so take that shot.

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It’s been a really, really, long time since you’ve done something, Scorpio, and you’re afraid to try again for fear you’ll fall immediately on your face. It may have been decades since you ran anywhere, spoke Spanish, tried to draw, or baked a cake, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get back on the proverbial horse. Treat yourself the same way you treat anything in your home. If things get dusty or rusted, you clean or polish them, and give them a chance for longevity. You don’t cut your losses and let them continue to decay when the fix is that easy. Give yourself some grace, and allow yourself to start from square one again. You will find the lost muscle memory, or actual memory, and regain those skills at an accelerated rate because you’ve already learned them in the past. We all experience periods in our lives where we get out of practice with things we love, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ever pick them back up again.

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