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4 Zodiacs Who Will Always Ditch Their Pride For Love

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People often make the misassumption that ‘balance’ means caution or restraint when it comes to Libras, but it’s truly about measurement and comparison, and even there, there is worth taking into consideration, and scarcity. A pound of bacon and a pound of gold weigh the same amount, but you would never exchange a pound of gold for a pound of bacon. The same analogy applies to love in this instance for a Libra. There are a million ways to save face in this world, but a Libra would never trade love in order to do so. Love is too precious, too dear to them to let it walk away over something so meaningless. Apologizing is simply too easy to do, and the faster you learn to do it first, the better your relationship will be in their eyes.

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For whatever reason, Cancers seem to understand loss better than their peers, at any age. They are more soulful, and suffering under any circumstances has opened their eyes to what’s important in the world. They know how to cling to the people they love, how to appreciate every relationship, every minute spent together. They pick up the phone more, they check in, and don’t let themselves grow apart from people out of laziness. So when it comes to a tiff or a blowout, they’d never put their pride above a cherished relationship, romantic or otherwise. They know life is too short, and time spent feuding is time you can never get back. They know what it’s like to have wasted time-fighting with someone they love, and they never want to harbor that kind of regret or face the kind of consequences that can come when it’s too late to go back and fix things.

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Sagittariuses love to fight, but also can’t do it for more than a few hours tops, so they’ll vent all their frustration, want you to fight back with them, and then they’ll wear themselves out like a tired toddler and want to make up again. They can’t take the silent treatment and can’t sit in a room with you angry, so they’ll break first. Once they’ve let it all out, they get over whatever set them off in record time. They’ll always prioritize peace over pride. Unless you’ve really set a precedent for mistreating them, they’ll be ready to give you another chance or sweep the whole matter under the rug, beginning with a peace offering directly from their filterless mouths. They’re the bull in a china shop with the heart of a golden retriever. Where they lack finesse and foresight, they make up with love and self-reflection.

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A Capricorn keeps track of everything. How much time and effort they’ve put into a relationship, how much happiness and satisfaction they get out of it, and however transactional that sounds, they know that none of it will ever come close to quantifying the value love brings to their lives. They’d never give that up over something as insignificant as getting in the final word or making sure they maintain an upper hand. They know love is a partnership, and you have to make concessions, you have to compromise, and you have to work together when it comes to remediating conflict. It’s just part and parcel of being in a relationship, of loving and learning to be loved. They treat their love lives just as seriously as they treat their careers or their investments. When something needs to be done, like leaving behind their pride and apologizing, it becomes their number one priority.

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