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4 Zodiacs Who Want To Be Left Alone When They’re Upset

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Some zodiacs want to be showered with hugs and kisses when they’re upset. They want to talk through their problems and their feelings until they feel okay again. But other zodiacs aren’t interested in sharing their most vulnerable thoughts. They don’t want anyone around to watch them cry, not even their partners. Here are some zodiacs who usually want to be left alone when they’re upset:

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Aries don’t love letting others see them upset. They want to appear unshakeable and fearless, so shedding tears in front of others can make them uncomfortable. Plus, they tend to lash out at others when they’re upset. Their sadness will come out as anger and frustration, so to avoid getting into pointless fights, it’s easier if they’re left alone when they’re upset. This sign needs their space. They need their freedom. They will let you know when they’re ready for hugs and cuddles, but until then, you should probably back off.

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Scorpios tend to retreat when they’re upset. They want to cope with their feelings on their own, in their own time, so they need their privacy. They don’t want to talk about their feelings while the pain is still fresh, and if you keep asking them what’s wrong, they’re going to get more upset. Even though you’re only trying to help, you’re going to accidentally end up pushing them away if you ask too many questions about what’s bothering them. Just let them know that you’re there if they need you and then give them some space. They will appreciate a more hands-off approach.

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Capricorns like to believe that they can handle everything on their own. Even though this is not the case and they need to learn to embrace their vulnerability, you can’t rush their process. You need to give them time to get comfortable with the idea of sharing their feelings with you. This isn’t going to happen automatically and you can’t force it. You can’t make them open up to you. You need to remain patient with them and give them space when they’re in their feelings. You need to respect their privacy and let them set the pace. What they choose to share is their decision, not yours.

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You might assume that Geminis would be open about their feelings since they’re such social butterflies, but that’s not the case at all. They will talk to you for hours about surface-level stuff, but when it comes to deep feelings, they will clam up. They won’t want to share too much of themselves because they’re worried about being judged. They need to know that they can trust you fully before they’re going to open up to you — and even then, expressing their rawest emotions will still be hard for them. They’re not used to sharing such personal details, so they’ll want to be left alone to gather their thoughts. It has nothing to do with you. It’s simply what works best for them.

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