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4 Zodiacs Who Think The Most Toxic Thoughts About Themselves

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No matter what you’ve done or how many mistakes you’ve made, there’s no reason to tear yourself apart. You should love yourself and respect yourself enough to treat the person in the mirror with kindness. Of course, this comes easier to some people than it does to others. Here are the zodiacs who think the most toxic thoughts about themselves:

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You are known to catastrophize whenever even the smallest thing goes wrong in your life. You feel like it’s the end of the world, just because you have made a tiny mistake, and end up tearing yourself apart. You think the cruelest, nastiest things about yourself, even though you could watch someone else make the same mistake that you just made and will give them the benefit of the doubt. You would never judge other people the way that you are constantly judging yourself. You save your meanest comments for the person in the mirror, and that needs to stop. You need to respect yourself the same way you respect the people around you. Show yourself the same kindness you’re always giving to others.

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You try your best to stay positive and always have kind words to say about the people around you, but you constantly find yourself thinking toxic thoughts about yourself. You can’t help it. Whenever you make the smallest mistake, you hate yourself over it. You struggle to move past what went wrong. You dwell on your errors and your insecurities. Although you are able to give everyone around you grace, you never go easy on yourself. And you know that needs to change. You know you can’t keep treating yourself like a punching bag. You deserve as much respect as your family and friends do. You deserve kindness too.

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You have made your fair share of mistakes in the past, but this isn’t a reason to be cruel to yourself. This isn’t a reason to tear yourself apart. Everyone on this planet has made mistakes. No one is perfect. No one is entirely happy with themselves. Your insecurities are much more common than you realize. But you wouldn’t want your friends to talk to themselves in the same way you talk to yourself, would you? No. You would remind them that they are beautiful, inside and out. You would point out everything you love about them to counteract the bad. So do the same for yourself. Treat yourself like a friend, not the enemy.

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You are constantly thinking toxic thoughts about yourself that no one deserves to hear – and you should honestly know better. If someone else in your life was talking to you this way, you wouldn’t let the behavior stand. You would kick them out of your life ASAP because you know you deserve more respect than that. So why are you letting your own thoughts tear you apart? While you can’t magically change the way you think, you can challenge your most toxic thoughts. You can remind yourself that the horrible things you’re thinking about yourself aren’t true. You are valuable. You are a good person. You deserve respect – not just from other people, but from the person in the mirror too.

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