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4 Zodiacs Who Sweat The Small Stuff

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Some zodiacs allow little mistakes to roll off their backs. Other signs have trouble dealing with even the most minuscule problems. They constantly make mountains out of molehills. Here are some zodiac signs who always sweat the small stuff, no matter how meaningless it is in the long run:


Virgos are perfectionists. They put a lot on their plate at once because they want to create a successful life for themselves. Since they’re always so busy, they have a lot on their minds at any given time. They aren’t able to come up with solutions on the fly. They will want to think through every possible scenario before coming to the most logical conclusion. They think with their heads, not their hearts, so their minds are always whirring. They don’t want to make a silly mistake, so they will go over scenarios a million different times to make sure there isn’t anything they’re missing.

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Geminis might come across as fun and laidback, but there is much more going on in their minds than you realize. When it comes to making a major decision about their life, they are going to panic. They don’t want to commit to the wrong career or relationship or town, so they are going to avoid making any decision whatsoever. They are going to live in limbo for as long as possible because they are terrified of making the wrong choice. Even when they have to make a small, simple decision, they’re going to second guess themselves. They don’t want to end up living a life filled with regret. They want to make the right move – and they have no clue what the right move is.

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Cancers are extremely sensitive. They take everything you say to heart. If your tone shifts slightly or you give them a strange look, then they are going to be convinced something is horribly wrong. This sign is pretty pessimistic, so it’s easy for them to sense disaster when nothing is actually wrong. Cancers don’t handle even the smallest inconveniences well because they feel like it’s their responsibility to fix whatever goes wrong. They assume everything is their fault and take responsibility even when they aren’t to blame. To a Cancer, even the smallest mistake feels like the end of the world. It’s cause to worry that everything they’ve built is going to fall apart.

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Taurus cannot stand changes in their routine. Even if they’re told they have to leave home an hour earlier than they expected, they’re going to get nervous. When their schedule is thrown off, they feel uncomfortable and unprepared. They want to feel like they are in control at all times, and in order for that to happen, they need to stick to plans. They hate unpredictability because they have trouble being flexible and thinking on the fly. When the smallest thing goes wrong, it’s going to take them a while to recover. They are going to need a breather before they can reset their thinking and calm down again.

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