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4 Zodiacs Who Will Struggle With Insecure Attachment Issues Till April 2024

There are confident zodiac signs and then there are insecure zodiac signs. For the former, they can enter a relationship and feel secure and comfortable knowing that they’re loved. For the latter, it’s a different story. For these four zodiac signs, they need a lot of reassurance from partners and even friends that they’re loved and cared for. Unfortunately, that insecure attachment can cause problems of its own.


No one is surprised to see Cancer on this list, least of all you. You’re the classic clinger. You constantly worry that you like your partner or your friends more than they like you. And since you have notoriously stellar empathy skills, you assume that any little sign they don’t like you is correctly interpreted. Remember that your insecurity can get in the way of your gut instincts, making you believe that everyone hates you even though they don’t.


You’re a super logical person, but that can sometimes get in the way. Your insecure attachment manifests in over-analysis. You pick apart every text, both the ones you send and the ones you receive. Rather than relying on how many exclamation points someone uses–or doesn’t use–check in with how you feel. And be open to hearing the feelings of others. It could help you greatly to discover the love language of your partner so you can notice when they show you they love you.


Some might be surprised to see you on this list. After all, you’re the serial monogamist. How could you be insecure when you’re so good at finding partners? But it’s that serial monogamy that’s a clue to your insecurity. You feel so insecure just being by yourself that you’ll attach yourself to anyone who seems even remotely like what you want. There’s codependency in not just your romantic relationships but in your friendships as well. Being alone for a little while, while scary, might do you some good.


Your insecurity manifests in what you do for your partners. You give so much of yourself to them and ask for nearly nothing in return. You’ll even mold your personality to fit theirs, learning their hobbies and interests. In that way, you often lose yourself in your relationships. But you don’t have to give yourself up just to be in a relationship. The perfect partner for you will encourage you to be yourself and will make you feel loved and supported while you do.

4 Zodiacs Who Will Struggle With Insecure Attachment Issues Till April 2024
4 Zodiacs Who Will Struggle With Insecure Attachment Issues Till April 2024

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