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4 Zodiacs Who Struggle With Commitment

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Some zodiacs are going to rush into relationships because they can’t wait to leave the single life behind. But other zodiacs are hesitant to commit. They don’t want to get involved in anything too serious because they want to protect their heart, want to keep their options open, or want to maintain a certain level of independence. Here are the zodiacs who commonly struggle with commitment issues:

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Even when they enter a committed relationship, Aries need plenty of space, so they can go off in whatever direction their heart pulls them. However, they know not everyone is going to be comfortable giving their partner that kind of freedom. That’s why they are always hesitant to get into a serious relationship. They don’t want to lose their independence. They don’t want to give up what matters the most to them because they’re so concerned with making their partner happy. This sign craves love—but they’re terrified that it’s going to change them. They don’t want a partner who is going to turn them into someone they’re not. They want a person who will enhance who they already are.

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Some Geminis struggle with commitment issues because they want to leave their options open. They don’t want to commit to the wrong person and end up missing out on the right person, so they are scared to commit to anyone. They don’t want to break any hearts, and they don’t want theirs broken either. They have been hurt before and they aren’t interested in signing themselves up for that type of pain again. They aren’t going to enter a serious relationship unless they can trust that this other person isn’t going to betray them—which is difficult when they feel like everyone has the potential to betray them.

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Scorpios have commitment issues because they are surprisingly sensitive. It’s easy to hurt their feelings, which is why they try so hard not to care about anyone. They feel like, if they keep pushing others away, then no one will have the power to hurt them. They are aware that every serious relationship comes with the risk of getting heartbroken, and they’re just not sure that’s a risk they’re willing to take. They don’t want to intentionally put themselves into a position where someone else controls their happiness. That’s why they try their hardest to stay single until someone special comes along who makes them give up this way of thinking entirely.

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Aquarius has commitment issues because they’re uncomfortable expressing their most vulnerable feelings. They don’t want to let anyone into their heart because they’re not entirely comfortable thinking about their feelings, let alone sharing those feelings. This sign hesitates before entering a serious relationship because they want to make sure it’s the right move. They don’t want to open their heart up to just anyone because it’s a huge deal for them. It’s not something they do easily or often. It’s reserved for someone extra special.

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