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4 Zodiacs Who Struggle To Go With The Flow On Dates

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Some zodiac signs always go with the flow. They understand that certain things are out of their control and won’t panic when plans go off the rails. They’ll simply laugh about it and move on with their lives. But other signs aren’t that flexible. When they have an idea in mind, they want to execute it properly. Here are some zodiacs who struggle to go with the flow on first dates:

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You have trouble going with the flow because you take everything to heart. If something in your plan goes wrong, you assume that it’s all your fault. You assume that you messed up and everyone is going to be upset with you. Even if your date is the type to go with the flow, you’re going to find it hard to laugh about what went wrong in the moment. Maybe one day you’ll be able to find it funny, but not right then and there, if things don’t go according to plan, then you’re going to panic. You’re going to feel uncomfortable and won’t be able to put your best self across.

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Virgo, you want to have a set plan ahead of time. You aren’t the biggest fan of surprises, because you would rather know what you’re getting yourself into days (if not weeks) earlier. On first dates, you want to know exactly what to expect before you arrive so you can dress properly and have conversation starters ready to go. You want to stick to the scheduled plan. Although you can be spontaneous at times, this typically happens once you get to know a person and become more comfortable with them. But when you first meet someone, it’s hard for you to go with the flow. You just don’t trust this person enough yet

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Leo, even though you are fun and adventurous, you also like having control. Especially in stressful situations like first dates. When you’re going out with someone for the first time, you find it somewhat hard to go with the flow because you want to feel like you have a handle on the situation. You don’t want the date to take any unexpected turns. You’re a perfectionist, so if things go wrong, it might take you a second to recover. Or you might chalk the entire date up to a failure and decide you’re fine never seeing this person again. Overall, going with the flow is something you do with friends. Not when you’re first meeting someone and are trying to make a good first impression.

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Capricorn, when you set a plan, you intend on following it through. It doesn’t cross your mind to deviate from what was on the schedule because you placed it on your schedule for a reason. Besides, you like to come prepared, so if your date randomly wants to change plans, it’s going to throw you off balance. You are the type of person who always follows through on a promise, no matter how small, so you don’t love it when others are unable to stick with their word, even if when it comes to something small and silly. You want a partner who follows through, who does what they say they’ll do. No exceptions.

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