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4 Zodiacs Who Struggle To Be Honest With Their Partners

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It’s important to communicate openly with your person if you want the relationship to last. Of course, that sounds easier than it is in reality. Sometimes, it’s tough to open up about what you’re experiencing. It’s tempting to pretend everything is perfectly fine so you don’t have to deal with your problems for a while. But that’s not the healthiest route to take. Here are the zodiacs who struggle to be honest with their partners and need to work on this area of their relationship to really flourish as a team:

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You struggle to be honest with your partner because you don’t want to chase them away. You understand that you have big emotions and some people aren’t able to handle them. However, you shouldn’t be with someone who is going to accuse you of overreacting, someone who fails to take your thoughts seriously. You need to be open with this person so you can decide whether they are deserving of you, whether they are going to give you the love and comfort that you need in a serious relationship. The right person isn’t going to run away when you get vulnerable with them. They are going to feel honored that you trusted them enough to open up to them.

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You struggle to be honest with your partners because you aren’t sure if you want to give someone that much access to you. After all, if you open up about your biggest fears, then they are going to have ammunition to use against you. They are going to know how to hurt you in the worst possible way. Although you aren’t comfortable with people walking around with your secrets, you need to learn to trust the person that you’re with. You need to learn to let down your guard and be your real self around them if you want the relationship to last. And if they don’t deserve that trust, then you need to let them go.

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You have a hard time being honest with your partners because you don’t want them to look at you any differently. You don’t want them to mistake your vulnerability for weakness because you can handle yourself. You don’t want their pity or their help. You want to continue taking care of yourself. However, relationships are about openness and honesty. You are hurting your relationship by closing yourself off. If you want to achieve true intimacy, then you need to talk to your person about what’s on your mind. You need to share your secrets with them. You need to trust them to handle whatever you say in a gentle, loving way.

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You struggle to be honest with your partners, especially when you’re in a new relationship, because you aren’t thrilled with serious conversations. You would rather joke around about something silly than get into an in-depth conversation about your trauma. Most of the time, you use sarcasm as a defense mechanism. You avoid talking about painful subjects because they only bring down the mood. You would rather think about the positive things going on in your life and ignore the negative. But relationships are about enduring the good and bad together. You can’t be in a happy mood all the time, and that’s okay.

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