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4 Zodiacs Who Should Text Their Crush This Weekend (September 22 – 24)

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Having a crush on someone can be fun. You get those giddy butterflies every time you see them. You get to imagine what would happen if they asked you out or you finally made a move. The problem with crushes is when you don’t actually do anything about it. The longer you wait, the worse it gets. For the following four zodiac signs, you’re tasked with a big step this weekend: Text your crush. It could be something as innocuous as saying hello or as monumental as revealing your feelings for them. Either way, you’ll be better off if you make a move, no matter how big.

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You’re historically not very good at getting out of your comfort zone. That zone is where you normally thrive, but it also keeps you from the big steps in life that can make it so much better. Rather than retreating this weekend, get out your phone and text your crush. You could even ask them to hang out. It doesn’t have to be a date if that feels like too big of a step right now. Just coffee, just a hangout with a group, just a mutual visit to a bookstore. Even something little is enough to get on their radar. You can do this.

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There are two scenarios you’re likely facing right now. You either have a crush on someone you’ve barely talked to–likely a barista at your favorite coffee shop or someone who works on another floor in your office building–or you already text regularly with your crush. After all, you’re not a stranger to making moves. The problem is that you’re such a natural flirt, people tend to assume you act like this to everyone. If you want to make a move on your crush, you’ll have to be more obvious. This weekend, text them and make it clear you’re asking them on a date. Boom, you’re one step closer to true love.

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You’re really good at talking yourself out of doing something. Maybe now that you see you’re on this list, you’ve already come up with several concrete reasons why you actually shouldn’t text your crush. Maybe work has been crazy lately and you just “don’t have the time.” Or perhaps you think your crush isn’t into you because of a bunch of nebulous reasons you’ve concocted in your mind. Babe, stop sabotaging your happiness. You’re not too busy for love and you don’t know everything. Just text them. You can figure everything else out afterward.

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You’d prefer your crush to make the first move. Wouldn’t we all? Yet that fantasy is so ever-present in your mind that you’d rather let the prospect of love fizzle and die rather than making the first move yourself. Doesn’t feel good though, does it? Rather than putting your fate in everyone else’s hands, why don’t you reclaim your power this weekend? Get out your phone and text your crush. You can be coy if you want–you don’t have to make it obvious that you’re crushing. Just get at least one step closer to the love that you deserve.

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