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4 Zodiacs Who Should Set New Moon Intentions On 5/17

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If you’ve been thinking about making a career change, starting a side hustle or stepping up your role at work, it’s a good time to start making some moves. This New Moon in Taurus lands in your security-seeking second house of resources, personal finances, self-worth, personal belongings, and values. Take advantage of this lunar event by setting intentions surrounding your income streams, advancements in your career, and stabilizing your financial pursuits. It’s important to remember that these aspects are all tied to your personal attitude and self-perception, so you’d benefit from also setting out to manifest a more positive perspective when it comes to failures and challenges. Reframe the obstacles and mistakes along the way as lessons and stepping stones on the path to success. Remind yourself that you are capable and worthy—you are deserving of the abundance and prosperity headed towards you. Practice patience as you work towards manifesting your lunar intentions.

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This lunar event is reinforcing the importance of making decisions in your life that center your pleasure, the importance of living out your dreams, and the worthiness of striving for what you consider emotionally and materially valuable. It’s touching down in your first house of self, identity, individuality, focus, and new beginnings. This sector rules over how you present to others, your ego, your appearance, how you navigate the world, and realizing your ultimate potential. The New Moon is granting you an opportunity for personal reinvention and stepping into a more empowered, authentic version of yourself. Set intentions around being more self-confident and assertive. How can you practice more self-expression? In what ways can you celebrate and honor your unique individuality? What do you need to let go of in order to step into your next era? Set personal goals that feel authentically liberating to you. Let go of your fear of change and embrace the unknown. Moving in a new direction doesn’t mean losing stability, but finding a new one that aligns with your growth. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your routine, style, and approach.

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The New Moon in Taurus is compelling you to to spiritually seek closure where you need to in order to embark on a new beginning that will bring about personal growth. It’s igniting your twelfth house of the unseen realm, which governs dreams, deep fears, hidden desires, intuition, the subconscious mind, sorrow, and shadow. You must reflect on the areas in your life in which you feel bound. Let go of self-defeating behaviors and ideas that keep you confined. Release toxic habits and unhealthy relationships that keep you from evolving into a more empowered version of yourself. Accept and embrace all parts of yourself, even the darkest, to help release you from all your fears and all which weighs heavy on you. Set intentions around cutting out that which you’ve outgrown and that focus on your healing. Clear the energies left behind by old emotional wounds. Pay close attention to your dreams during this time. Speak your desires to the universe, so that they may find their way to you.

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This New Moon in Taurus can be a deeply powerful one for you, if you let it. It’s activating your second house, which rules over achievements, reputation, power, and life purpose. Career, ambition, motivation, and professional goals are tied into this sector. It’s through the second house that we work on manifesting ourselves. This lunar event is a prime time to begin asserting your desires, especially those regarding your aspirations and your professional life—ask for a promotion or raise, pitch an idea, start that manuscript, leave your unfulfilling job for something more meaningful. Set your intentions around the dreams you’ve always wanted to realize. Be bold, confident and willing to put in the work, and you’ll be rewarded. Brainstorm what steps you have to take in order to turn your ideas into accomplishments, and make a plan. Put yourself out there and strive for more recognition. Assert yourself with figures of authority in your life. Spruce up your CV and your website. Send out prospecting emails. Make a vision board, or journal about how you visualize your future. Where do you see yourself in six months? In a year? In five? In ten?

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