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4 Zodiacs Who Should Say ‘No’ This December

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You don’t want peer pressure or guilt to convince you to say yes when the answer should be no. Although it can be hard to feel like you’re disappointing someone, you need to choose yourself. Do what you really want to do instead of allowing others to influence your decisions. Here are the zodiacs who should say ‘no’ this December:

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You shouldn’t allow others to make your decisions for you. If you don’t want to do something, you’re allowed to use your voice. You’re allowed to tell them no. Don’t feel like you’re obligated to do everything that the people you care about ask you to do. You can set boundaries for yourself moving forward, even if you have let other people cross them in the past. Starting today, you can be a little more selfish. Think about yourself for a change. It doesn’t make you heartless. It makes you human. After all, you can’t do a million things at once. If you keep putting too much on your plate, you’re going to burn out. Saying no more often will protect you from this. It will help keep you in a balanced state.

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You are way too nice. You would give anyone the shirt off of your back if they asked. While your kindness is mostly a strength, sometimes it can backfire on you. Sometimes it can cause you to take on more stress than you can handle at the moment. Which is why you need to say no more this December. As the year winds down, give yourself a break. Don’t run around trying to make everyone happy. Even though you’re tempted to be generous since it’s the holiday season, you can’t forget about the person in the mirror. You can’t neglect yourself in order to assist others. You need to choose yourself sometimes. Starting now.

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You need to stop saying yes when the answer is no. Stop allowing guilt and peer pressure to change your mind. The right people aren’t going to hate you for failing to be there for them one time when you usually come running the second they call. They aren’t going to fault you for taking care of yourself for a change. And if they do, you might need to reconsider their spot in your life because you shouldn’t be the one giving and giving without receiving a damn thing. Your relationships and friendships shouldn’t be so one-sided. You should both be benefiting. You should both feel supported, valued, and loved.

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Remember, it isn’t your responsibility to take care of everyone else. You might feel like it’s up to you to keep everyone happy, but that’s impossible. You can’t do it all. No one can. Instead of exhausting yourself by running around doing a million different things for a million different people this December, focus on yourself. Do what would make you happy because you never take your own thoughts and opinions into enough consideration. You never give yourself the love that you deserve.

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