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4 Zodiacs Who Should Pursue Their Dreams Starting May 17, 2024

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We all have dreams we want to pursue, and the current astrological weather is preparing a few signs for the chance to do that this week!

On May 17th, the New Moon will occur in the sign of Taurus. New moons are associated with fresh starts and new chapters, setting intentions and embracing opportunities for new beginnings. Taurus is the Earth sign associated with groundedness, material value, and reliability. With Venus as a ruling planet, Taurus looks not only to relationships but also to wealth and value that can bring security.

Additionally, many planets/luminaries are joining this moon in Taurus: the Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus. While the Sun rules our ego and foundations, Jupiter governs growth and abundance, and Uranus rules over innovation and rebellion. This stellium of celestial bodies together pushes us to examine what we want in life and what we are willing to do to make it happen. Rather than waiting in the wings, it’s time to bring our goals and visions to life!

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While all the zodiac signs will be affected by this energy, a few will find that pursuing their dreams and setting intentions to bring them to life will be particularly fulfilling right now.

Check your signs below (Sun and Rising!) to see which zodiac signs should pursue their dreams around the new moon in Taurus!


This new moon appears in your 1st House of Self and Identity—it really is all about you right now, Taurus! This period will focus on self, physical appearance, and who you are inside and out. This is a time to ask yourself who you are, what you want out of life, and how you will get there. If you feel your life and identity are disconnected, this could serve as an opportunity to set new intentions for alignment. Additionally, several other planets, including the Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus, are all in your sign, which could come together to motivate you to put yourself out there and actually go after what you want rather than waiting for it to come to you. You know who you are, Taurus. Are you ready to show the rest of the world?

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Is it time for a career shift, Leo? This new moon may be the starting point if that’s what you’re after. Your 10th House of Career and Public Image is the focus during this time, and you could feel yourself preparing for new chapters or events related to your career or long-term goals. You also could experience a shift in what you want—if you aren’t satisfied with where you are currently, what can you do to change that? Is there a different path altogether you’ve longed to pursue but have held yourself back from? It’s time to sit with these questions rather than continue along automatically because of expectations. If you want to make some bold moves, now is the time to start manifesting and determining those steps. You have the power to take your life into your hands, so what will you use it for?

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Where do your dreams take you when you don’t feel held back, Virgo? This new moon is a chance to find out the answers. With the focus on your 9th House of Higher Education, Philosophy, and Travel, this may be a time when your horizons are expanded more than you could’ve expected, especially with Jupiter and Uranus moving through this area of life for you at the moment. If you’ve been seeking new adventures or growth/learning experiences, this new moon could open doors to make those dreams a reality. Naturally, part of you always worries about taking risks unless you know you can flawlessly execute them. Still, this Taurus energy reminds you that sometimes the risk is worth taking if it allows you to know yourself better. Use this time to focus on what you want and keep your eyes open for the possibilities that can make them happen. What would you do if you didn’t automatically try to talk yourself out of the things that seem larger than life?

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You have a vision, Cancer, and this is the perfect time to start the process of making it happen. With the new moon occurring in your 11th House of Friendships and Networking, this area of life is also where we see our dreams come to fruition—especially when we have the support of others to help us out. You may connect with others who share your dreams, and rather than letting the moment slide, you could benefit from forming a plan and taking action to make them a reality. You could also find that dreams you once believed were hopeless could circle back around now that you have a firmer grasp of who you are in life. Life can open the door for you, but only you can walk through it, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there if you find like-minded companions. You may be the catalyst needed to get things going

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