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4 Zodiacs Who Put Off Making The First Move

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Some zodiacs aren’t going to waste any time before shooting their shot. They’re going to ask out their crush the second they get the opportunity. But other signs are going to be a bit more cautious. They’re going to wait until the timing is right to make their move. At least, that’s what they’re telling themselves. Here are some zodiacs who will procrastinate making the first move:

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Cancers are overthinkers. They won’t want to ask someone out, only to get rejected by them. They are scared of getting their heart broken, so they will keep waiting and waiting to ask out this person, so they can make sure their feelings are reciprocated. They don’t want to embarrass themselves by asking someone out who is going to turn them down. They aren’t sure their heart could handle it. Plus, they don’t want to ruin a perfectly good friendship because they misread signals. They want to keep this person in their world, whether they end up as a happy couple or not.

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Scorpios come across as mysterious because they keep their cards close to their chest. They never blurt out what’s on their mind. They keep most of their thoughts to themselves because they are private people. Even though they are passionate and determined to get what they want, they might wait to ask someone out because they don’t want to make a mistake. They don’t want to let their guard down with someone who is going to end up breaking their heart. They want to play it safe. They want to make sure that this person is genuinely good for them before they take a risk and ask them out.

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Virgos are perfectionists. They aren’t going to ask someone out right away because they want the moment to be perfect. They want to get this right. They will keep procrastinating because they’re scared that the timing isn’t good enough. Plus, this is one of the busiest signs in the zodiac. They’re always swamped with a million different things to do, so there’s always an excuse for why they should wait a little while longer to shoot their shot. Maybe they want to focus on work for a while. Maybe they have too many family obligations to handle. They’ll always come up with a new reason to procrastinate because they don’t want to mess up. Especially around someone they really like.

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Aquarius can come across as cold and detached at times because they aren’t comfortable with their emotions. They aren’t going to reveal their deepest feelings without some forethought. They’re going to keep their crushes to themselves in order to protect themselves. Even though they might want to date someone, they are perfectly fine on their own. They’re self-sufficient and enjoy their alone time, so they might procrastinate when it comes to asking someone out. After all, they don’t want anything to get in the way of their dreams. They are afraid to miss out on the perks of being alone.

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