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4 Zodiacs Who Push Away Love Because Of Bad Experiences In The Past

Sometimes, one bad experience with love will make it hard to open up your heart again in the future. After all, you’re always worried that the same pain is going to occur again, that this new person will hurt you in the same way that your ex hurt you. Here are the zodiac signs who push love away because of bad experiences in the past:


Taurus, you want your life to be as comfortable as possible. You don’t want to put extra stress on your plate. Which is why you sometimes push love away. You have had bad experiences in the past, so you know how much pain a relationship can cause you. You know how easily the wrong partner can turn a decent day into the worst day of your life. Sometimes, you push love away because you’re scared history is going to repeat itself. You’re scared you’re going to end up growing too attached to someone new, only to have your heart shattered by them and struggle to pick up the pieces. Sometimes, it feels easier to remain on your own than to risk that type of hurt again.


Cancer, you take a long time to get over breakups. You struggle to accept that the person you gave all your love to has suddenly exited your life. Which is why you are known to push love away when it arrives at your doorstep again. You are scared of getting hurt in the same way twice. You are scared of opening up your heart and letting down your guard for the wrong person. Although you’re a hopeless romantic who dreams of finding that one special person, you’re terrified that you’re going to misread the situation and let the wrong person in. You’re terrified you’re going to be the one who cares more again, the one who ends up with their heart shattered while the other person is perfectly fine.


Scorpio, you are a pessimist when it comes to love. You assume most relationships are going to end. You assume most people are going to hurt you. It’s easier to push love away than to take a real shot on it because you don’t want to end up with your heart broken again. You understand just how risky it is to let someone into your heart. You understand how easily they can use all the info you gave them against you. You’re trying to protect yourself by preventing that from happening.


Pisces, although you are a giver who loves being in serious relationships, it’s always hard for you to enter a new one. You are such a sensitive sign, so heartbreak takes its toll on you. It’s hard to recover after getting abandoned or betrayed by someone you thought was a permanent fixture of your life. One bad experience with love isn’t going to make you stop believing in it — but it will cause you to distance yourself more than you usually do. It will make you wonder whether the new people who enter your life are worth the trouble, whether they are going to treat you the way you deserve or hurt you all over again. You love love — but that doesn’t make it any easier to open your heart.

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