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4 Zodiacs Who Play The Victim (When They’re The Actual Villain)

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Don’t let their sensitivity fool you, Cancer can be the most emotionally manipulative zodiac sign there is. It’s their high emotional intelligence that makes this sign so dangerous. Cancer knows how to read people and exploits this nefariously to their advantage. Their sentimentality acts as a veil that shields them from any ounce of suspicion. They expertly can appeal to your soft traits, even when it’s you they have wronged, and make you believe that they are the victim. Cancer is an expert at turning the tables and making you believe that you have something to apologize for when they’re the ones at fault. Cancer is adept at finding ways to blame you for their wrongful actions. They’re the type of “victim” who gaslights you into thinking you’re the villain when in actuality it’s them. What’s terrifying is that sometimes Cancer actually believes this to be the case. In their mind, they can do no wrong and everyone is out to get them.

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Like Cancer, Leo has a profound capability for sensitivity, and they have an extremely generous heart. However, this regal creature is an extremely proud one—one who refuses to ever be painted in any kind of bad light. They have an extremely high sense of importance and an “I can do no wrong” attitude that prevents them from owning up to their mistakes. Leo will take charge of a situation by embarking on a smear campaign against a person who dares expose their wrongdoings. They’re highly strategic in making themselves out to be the victim when in actuality they’re the villain. Leo would rather waste their energy in such a battle than own up to the reality of the situation. They’ll manipulate others with charm and flattery to get them to be on their side. Leos know how to play you and get you to stand against their “enemies.”


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Scorpio is a passionate sign with incredible persuasive and leadership qualities. Those born under this zodiac sign are also extremely sensitive and passionate, but it’s actually their profound capability for holding a grudge that drives them to manipulate others around them into making them believe they’re the victim. Scorpio holds on to grievances—even the smallest—and convinces themselves that they were in no way at fault when there’s actually two parties to blame. Their past emotional wounds can prevent them from ever accepting any blame. They are so convinced that others are out to do them harm that they fail to see the ways in which they cause harm to others. Scorpio doesn’t just gaslight you into thinking they’re the victim, but they gaslight themselves. This sign is so stubborn that it’s hard for them to ever come to realize the errors of their ways.


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As sweet, compassionate, kind, caring, and sensitive as Pisces can be, they can also be highly emotionally manipulative. This zodiac sign is the expert at playing the victim. They have a knack for gaining the empathy of other people and making them feel sorry for them. Their fragility and selflessness make it easy for them to play on your sympathies and believe they’re innocent when they’re actually to blame. Just like their fellow water sign Cancer, Pisces is highly emotionally intelligent and uses this to their benefit. Pisces isn’t always so innocent and harmless. Their manipulative nature when they’re at fault and try to regain narrative of a situation goes undetected because they’re often mistreated. This, however, doesn’t absolve their mistreatment of others.

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