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4 Zodiacs Who Never Notice Dating Red Flags

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Some zodiacs are good at reading people. They can tell whether someone has their best interest at heart right away. Other zodiacs have a little more trouble figuring out whether someone is good for them and when someone is only leading them on. Here are some zodiacs who have a bad habit of ignoring red flags (or never even notice them in the first place):

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You’re a romantic. When you fall for someone, you get lost in the idea of them. You’re so focused on the imaginary future that you could have with them that sometimes you forget about the present, the person right in front of you. Instead of falling in love with them, you fall in love with the concept of being in a happy, healthy relationship. Red flags can fly right over your head because you’re so excited about moving to the next stage. You end up focusing on the good and ignoring the bad – which can be good at times, but can cause you to end up in trouble the rest of the time.

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You’re an optimist. You see the best in people, even when they show you the worst sides of them, even when anyone else would have run away. Even though this can be a strength, it’s also the reason why you occasionally overlook red flags. You don’t realize that someone would be bad for you because you don’t want to judge them too harshly. You want to give them a fair change. Plus, you believe in forgiveness and believe that people can change, so even if they hurt you, you’re apt to give them a second chance. Your ability to see the bright side is admirable, but sometimes it can get you into trouble.

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When you find someone who captures your attention, you fall hard and fast. You are one of the most passionate signs in the zodiac, so you occasionally speed into relationships without really getting to know the person on a deep level. You don’t always think through your dating decisions because you are impulsive and go with your gut. But your heart will sometimes miss things that you would have noticed if you paid closer attention or took the relationship a little slower. Even though your energy can make relationships feel exciting, it can also cause you to end up with the wrong person.

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You’re a cynic, but once you get attached to someone, you start to let your guard down. You start to trust them more and stop keeping an eye out for red flags. After all, you are one of the most honest signs in the zodiac. You never tell a lie, which is why you take people at their word. You assume that they respect you as much as you respect them and that they would never lie to you. So if someone is lying to your face, you might not realize it. You might miss the signs because you assume they have the same standards and morals that you have.

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