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4 Zodiacs Who Need Variety In Relationships

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Some zodiacs prefer to create an established routine with their partner. They’re content doing the same thing week after week because it makes them feel comfortable and secure. But other zodiacs are going to grow bored with too much repetition. They need more variety in their love life to feel like they’re living life to the fullest. Here are some of the signs who need variety in their relationships:

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Aries never want to feel like they’re being told no. That doesn’t mean you can’t stand up to them. You should certainly speak your mind and be honest about where you stand. But if you’re always turning down their adventurous, spontaneous ideas, they’re going to grow frustrated. This sign won’t be happy with living a safe, predictable life. They want to see new places, take new risks. And if you’re not willing to go along with them, the relationship might not be the best fit. They need someone excited to put themselves out there, to take on new adventures on a whim.

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Geminis are one of the most daring, fearless signs. They’re always up for an adventure, and if you’re not willing to go on one with them, they could feel held back by the relationship. This doesn’t mean that you need to do something thrilling every weekend. This simply isn’t realistic. But if it’s been months and you haven’t done anything new with them, they’re going to get restless. They’re going to crave something new. You need to be willing to venture outside of your comfort zone with them and live a little unpredictably if you want to feel like a good fit.

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Leos have high standards and high expectations for themselves and their partners. Going to the same restaurants every weekend and having the same conversations on a loop won’t stimulate them. It won’t challenge them. It won’t fulfill them. Leos are natural leaders, so they will usually plan new outings to go on as a couple. However, they are also romantics, so they would secretly enjoy it if you took charge of a change and figured out new places to eat and hike and explore. They want to know that you’re willing to put in some effort and aren’t content to let things remain the way they are. They want you to be spontaneous too.

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Aquarius doesn’t care what other people are doing with their lives. They aren’t going to go to trendy restaurants or stores to fit in. They would rather stick out from the crowd anyway. Since this sign does what they want without caring how it looks, they probably won’t be happy with living a regular, average life. They want more. They want excitement. They want fulfillment. When you’re dating an Aquarius, they won’t want to stick to a set routine. They will want to change this routine frequently. They will want to remain unpredictable, and if this constant change makes you uncomfortable, you probably won’t last in a relationship. You need to be as flexible and adaptable as they are.

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