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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Stop Prioritizing Relationships Over Their Mental Health

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Love is important — but it’s not everything. Your partner isn’t more important than the person in the mirror. Please don’t stop taking care of yourself because you’re more concerned with how your partner is doing than with how you’re doing yourself. Your needs matter too. Here are some zodiacs who need to stop prioritizing love above their mental health.

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Even though you’re a people-pleaser who wants to make your partners happy, you deserve to be happy too. You deserve to have your needs met. You should be with someone who reduces your workload, not adds to it. Someone who helps you relax, not constantly stresses you out. If your person is only making your life harder and harder, your mental health will be better if you walk away. If you focus on your relationship with yourself instead of your relationship with them. And if you’re with the right person, they’ll understand if you need some space for a bit, if you need to focus on your needs for a change.

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Even though you love the idea of love, that doesn’t mean you should be placing more emphasis on your partner’s feelings than your own. You need to stop making decisions based on what will make others happy instead of asking yourself what would make you happy. Your needs deserve to be met. Your desires deserve to be explored. Instead of prioritizing your partners, try prioritizing yourself. That doesn’t mean you should treat them poorly. It simply means you should schedule breaks to check in with yourself and make sure that you’re still doing things that make you happy, that keep your mental health in a positive space. It’s wonderful that you do so much for others, but you should start putting some of that effort into yourself too.

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Leos, some people might think of you as self-centered, but you usually put others first. You’re usually making decisions based on what will please (or impress) the most amount of people. But you need to stop putting love and relationships above your own mental health. Being single isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it can be beautiful. So if you need to spend some time alone in order to recharge, go for it. You don’t need another person to be happy. On the contrary, the wrong person could drain you and make you more miserable than ever. So be careful about who you let into your heart, and be careful on where you place your effort.

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It’s not your job to be the peacekeeper. You don’t have to get in the middle of arguments others are having or solve every problem that is brought to your attention. While it’s nice to help others when you have the mental capacity, you shouldn’t go out of your way for them when you have your own worries to take care of. You shouldn’t ignore your own needs to make sure theirs are met. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. You need to stop overextending yourself by doing so much for your partners and doing nothing at all for yourself. You deserve love too — from the person in the mirror most of all.

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