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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Soul Search Before They Can Solve Their Problems

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Sagittarius loves to laugh everything off and make their problems seem small through humor, but those strategies never really address the root of the problem. It’s not a matter of self-awareness or perspective, finding something more serious or tragic to make their issues seem insignificant by comparison, but of holding space and compassion for their own emotions. Learning to articulate when something irritates or upsets them instead of acting like everything slides right off them and nothing gets under their skin. They are human, they are sensitive, no matter how hard they try to cultivate a reputation to the contrary. Even though they’re not shy in any way, they often avoid the most direct approach to working through their emotions, which is, to feel them.

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Not every problem can be solved with a to-do list, and that’s Capricorn’s biggest life lesson. They think everything just needs the proper plan, dedication, and execution, but some headwinds can’t be muscled through. Outside factors outside of their control, other parties with free will, acts of nature or simple coincidence. Capricorn’s soul searching journey is all about relinquishing that control and accepting that failure or at least needing to pivot isn’t always a reflection of their personal aptitude or ability. Sometimes our plans simply need to change, and that is okay. In fact, it’s perfectly natural. Learning when to accept that reality and not wear ourselves down to the bone trying to avoid the inevitable is key to their personal growth.

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Virgo is so quick to have an easy answer to everyone else’s most personal drama, but when it comes to their own they can easily feel like they’re drowning in overwhelming emotion. They hate being caught off guard more than anything, and avoid showing anyone when they feel they’ve lost control of the reins to their own life. Virgo “solves” their own problems by pretending like they don’t have any, but the truth is they’re struggling through life just like the rest of us. They are searching for meaning, their own identity, the right choice to make. The mistake they make is trying to separate themselves from their own emotions. They’ll never be an objective party to their own predicament.

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Gemini solves all of the problems because the people pleaser in them needs to. They have to knock out their own dilemmas as quickly as a game of ‘whack a mole’ because if they don’t, they’ll never have enough time to address everyone else’s needs. They need to soul search for the reason they keep prioritizing everyone above themselves, for the reason they feel they aren’t worthy of the same attention or effort they bestow on everyone else. Their worth cannot be defined by the level of output or productivity they are able to offer the people around them. They are enough just as they are, and deserve love without needing to do anyone a favor to receive it. Life should be so much more reciprocal than they expect

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