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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Prioritize Self-Care On The 2/25 Full Moon

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With the Full Moon in Virgos lighting up your sixth house of wellness, day-to-day affairs, and responsibilities, your wellbeing and mental health are a priority under this lunation. Chances are that you’ve seen intentions you six months ago during Virgo season manifest themselves during this time. You’ve accomplished a personal or professional goal and it feels like you’ve reached your limit. Aries, it’s time to give yourself a break and allow some time to rest. Let yourself unwind and relax. Do something soothing for your soul, whether that means spending the evening reading, watching comfort movies, or taking a hot bath. Reflect on what you can incorporate into your routine to enhance your overall wellbeing and what changes you can make for a healthier lifestyle.

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This Full Moon is in your sign and it is all about you. Virgo, you are really feeling the energy of this lunation. Your sector of self, identity, ambitions, focus, and contending with new beginnings is being illuminated. Right now, you may receive epiphanies about your purpose, a relationship, a friendship, or cycles that you need to break. There will be many personal revelations you’ll undergo during this time. It’s important for you to prioritize your self-care and solitude during this Full Moon. You’re being urged to assert your passions, boundaries, desires, and needs. Take some time to meditate on how you can more genuinely embrace and express yourself. Think about what you need to release to step into a more liberated, authentic, and empowered version of yourself.

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During this lunation, your 12th house of spirituality, solitude, healing, subconscious, fears, dreams, and surrender is being activated—pretty powerful stuff. It’s best for you to spend some time alone during this Full Moon in Virgo and prioritize yourself. Resist that urge you have to socialize and reflect on what changes you can make to better nurture your spirit. It’s also important for you to meditate on what areas in your life you’re overextending yourself and giving more to others than you should be. Journal through your thoughts and feelings and do something. Partake in an activity at home that will bring you relaxation because right now you’re drained, Libra. This Full Moon is also encouraging you to explore your desires and hidden emotions. Be receptive to the messages the universe is bringing you right now. You deserve the peace and inner clarity that you seek.

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The eighth house governs death, sex, rebirth, transformation, the occult, shared resources, the shadow self, and vulnerability. Pretty heavy stuff, right? That sector in your chart is being illuminated under this Full Moon in Virgo. It’s a good idea for you to spend some time alone becoming more in tune with your feelings—and with those parts of you that you reject or try to hide.

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You need to also examine what isn’t working out in your life anymore and let go of it. Some things have to die, to make room for new beginnings. What’s holding you back from your personal growth and evolution? Right now you also need to take into account old emotional wounds, baggage, and unresolved issues that you’ve swept under the rug. You can’t get to where you’re fated to be with all that weight holding you down, Aquarius.

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