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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Learn To Live In The Moment


Learning to be present for a Leo means putting the phone down and learning to see the world through the lens of reality and not an Instagram post. There are times when knowing how to market and sell yourself is an asset, but it’s a buzzkill on a family vacation. Our time on this earth is limited, and if you keep continuing down this path you’ll find yourself regretting all the hours you poured into creating content when you could have been making memories. The former is for others, and the latter is for you. Take a second to really think about who values which more. The difference between a distraction that’s nice to have and the literal building blocks of life.


You need to calm your mind, Scorpio, and dial things back to the present. You are always twenty steps ahead of everyone, plotting all your moves, dotting the i’s, and crossing the t’s on your backup plans. You are so busy doomsday prepping that you’re missing out on all of the wonderful things that are going right for you. Stop sabotaging your own happiness. You don’t need to figure out how you’re going to get even with someone who hasn’t even betrayed you, yet. Give things a chance to surpass your best expectations. Give people the chance to earn your trust, to prove you wrong. Only then can you form true connections with others.


You get so overwhelmed by deadlines, Capricorn, you don’t even recognize your own ability to perform under pressure. This is your chance to learn to enjoy the challenge. Having a project to stay up late for, or knock out when it’s crunch time. Feel that nervous energy and channel it into your best work. Push yourself and see exactly what you’re capable of. How far you can stretch, how far you can reach. There will come a day when things are quiet and settled when you will miss the rush and thrill of these demands. There is a chapter in life for everything, and you just need to learn how to appreciate the one you’re in.


You’ve read too much for your own good, Pisces. This is the root of a lot of problems in life for you, but the one you really need to nip is comparing everything in your life to a fictitious ideal. You feel this inaccurate sense of inferiority because your childhood (and your adulthood) was lacking that protagonist sheen. You’re not Anne of Green Gables. You didn’t love everyone in your neighborhood growing up. You don’t idealize the town you live in. You weren’t adopted by an older brother/sister duo who fought over how to raise you but ultimately bought you the dress with puffed sleeves you’d been begging for. And somewhere inside the recesses of your mind, you feel like you did it all wrong. Like you don’t have this candy-coated relationship with your life because you didn’t know how to appreciate what you had. You’ve always needed to write your own story, Pisces, but you’ll have to learn to be present to do so.

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