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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Learn The Difference Between A Temporary Challenge And A Life Path

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It’s no news to anyone that Sagittarius has a hard time committing. Their optimism and curiosity drive them to seek out something better whenever road bumps come their way. Until they’ve witnessed firsthand how sticking through something hard can lead to positive change, they think the only answer to fixing their problem is to jump ship, be it in a relationship, a job, or literally any project they decide to pick up and ultimately put down. They are too easily frightened by a cranky partner. They think that getting frustrated with their current role means they have to look at positions outside of their company. One sore finger ruins their entire career as lead guitarist. If only they could see where holding out a few more weeks or months would get them, who knows what life paths they may have ended up on instead.

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Taurus must have the finer things in life. It’s a non-negotiable but ultimately leads to them splurging in areas that aren’t a true investment. They see a temporary challenge of living without $7 lattes and $30 candles as unlivable, not realizing that a little bit of saving could lead to a life with a $500 espresso machine and a jacuzzi that turns their home into a spa. They can’t reach the life path of true luxury until they tackle the temporary challenge of financial stability. It’s only when they get their ducks in a row that they can start making those big moves they really dream of. Constantly ordering clothes online that only get worn a handful of times may cost as much as going for that capsule wardrobe of quality pieces.


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Libra doesn’t understand that a temporary sacrifice is sometimes required to create long-term success. They are so fearful they’ll rock the boat, that they’ll throw things so out of whack they’ll never be able to set them right again, but really they’re just selling themselves short. Libra leans on the crutch of excuses to avoid taking a risk they know could change their life for the better. They are so afraid of dipping a single toe outside of their comfort zone but don’t see the literal ocean of possibilities rolling in before them. There’s very little they need to give in order to see immediate returns and immense ones at that. They just need to let go of the idea that any change they make can or will last forever.


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Pisces needs to realize the ebb and flow of their own emotions is a temporary challenge and not a definitive life path. One sad day does not a sad life make. One heartbreak does not destroy any potential for future romantic bliss. A disengagement from interests or friendships or daily tasks doesn’t make you into a hermit or a bump on a log for life. Mental health struggles are a reality of life, but every bout of the blues is not clinical depression. Pay attention to your feelings, and just don’t jump to conclusions the first day things aren’t all rainbows and sunshine. There are days that will be a mix of all kinds of feelings. Anything less than perfection isn’t a reason to sound all of the alarms.

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