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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Know Your True Intentions Before Giving You Their Heart

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Some zodiacs will jump headfirst into relationships without thinking too far into the future. They are simply happy to have found someone who makes them feel special. But others signs want assurance that they aren’t getting themselves into a bad situation. They want to know exactly where you stand and what you want from the future so that they don’t end up with their hearts broken in a week. Here are some signs who need to know your intentions before giving you their heart:

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Most Virgos like to treat relationships like a business deal. They value their time, so they aren’t going to waste it on someone who wants different things than they want. This sign is excellent at communication, so they have no problem sitting someone down and questioning them about their intentions and expectations. They need to know that they are on the same page about what the relationship means right now and where it might be heading in the future. If their ideas don’t align, then there’s no point in staying with this person. A Virgo would rather be on their own than knee-deep in a relationship that can never make them truly happy.

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Capricorns are a no-nonsense sign. They don’t want to waste their time with drama – so if you are going to send them mixed signals and be wishy washy about your feelings, they are going to lose interest. They need to know your intentions because it shows that you are mature enough to analyze your feelings and state them out loud. This sign makes decisions based on their heads, not their hearts, so they aren’t going to settle for someone who lies to them or tries to mislead them. They want a partner who is honest about their intentions from the start. Someone they can trust to tell it like it is.

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Leos want to date someone who is wild about them, who is willing to commit to them, who is interested in them and only them. They need to know their person’s intentions from the start because they aren’t going to settle for someone who is only half-in, someone who wants to play the field and test out their other options. A Leo wants to be the only option. They need a partner who is clear about their feelings and assures them that they aren’t going anywhere. A partner who thinks they are the greatest thing in the world and would never dream of walking away.

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Taurus cannot stand surprises, especially in relationship. They want to know exactly what their partner wants from them on day one, so that they don’t end up getting attached to someone who is only temporary. Most of the time, Taurus are in relationships for the long haul. They normally shy away from casual encounters, so if they discover that this other person wants something fun and temporary, they will lose interest. This sign needs to know your intentions in order to trust you. If there isn’t any trust, then there isn’t any relationship.

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