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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Block Their Ex This Weekend (May 18 – 20)

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I understand why you’d still have your exes unblocked. There’s the hope that they might change their minds and coming crawling back. Or maybe you’re super tempted to text them one day just to tell them they’re trash. But you know as well as I do that that’s a bad idea. If you’re one of the following four zodiac signs, now’s your opportunity to finally block your ex for good.

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That breakup was heart-wrenching. It was the worst feeling you’ve ever been through. While you know intellectually that you should have cut your ex off from the very moment you stopped being a couple, your heart kept you from actually taking that final step. But now you find yourself dipping into their social media accounts late at night just to see what’s up. And every time they post a happy selfie out on the town or have pictures with their new partner, your heart dies a little bit. Babe, stop it. Go on to all the socials right now and block them. Seriously. You know you’ll be better for it.

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When you read the title imploring you to block your ex, you probably thought, “Which one?” It’s your style to keep every single ex–especially the ones that broke your heart the most– just out of reach but still within sight. It’s how you torture yourself just a little bit every day. Because of all the zodiac signs, you’re the one most stuck in the past. You might find it hard to even imagine blocking all your exes this weekend, so how about we just start with one? Baby steps.

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You normally burn every bridge as soon as you cross it. The idea of keeping in contact with an ex is nauseating to you. Yet there’s still that one. You know the one. The ex who so thoroughly decimated you, yet still holds a special place in your heart. You’re pretty good at powering through every time they post, or if they text you to catch up. Some people in your life might even believe you that you don’t care and you’re totally over it. But you and I both know better. You aren’t over it, and you probably never will be. Time to cut the cord.

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You pride yourself on your ability to stay friends with your exes. That’s the front you put on, anyway. Ask yourself this: Are you actually happy keeping in contact with these exes? There are probably a few where the answer is yes. By all means, keep those rare exes in your life. But the others? Your presence in their lives is a privilege, not a right. Unless someone makes your life better by being in it, cut them out. And the first step to doing that is to block them on absolutely everything

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