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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Be More Assertive In Their Next Life Chapter

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You don’t want to allow other people to walk over you and take advantage of your soft heart. Even if you’re a people-pleaser, born and raised, there’s a time when you need to do what you want instead of what would make those around you happy. Here are the zodiacs who need to be more assertive in their next life chapter and ask for what they deserve:

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Up until this point, you have stayed relatively quiet about your dreams and desires. You haven’t demanded what you deserved because, quite frankly, you weren’t confident that you deserved any happiness at all. But you’re finally learning that you are worthy of greatness. You aren’t going to self-sabotage any longer because you are ready to take a real chance on yourself. Although it’s going to be tough at first, you need to be more assertive in your next life chapter because you have given others what they wanted for far too long. It’s time to chase after what you want. It’s time to stop people pleasing and start doing what your own heart desires.

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You tend to go with the flow, so you rarely complain about the hands that you’re dealt. However, you’re allowed to be upset when things don’t go your way. And you’re allowed to make decisions on your own instead of automatically doing what the people around you prefer. In your next life chapter, you need to be more assertive because your opinion matters. Your happiness matters. You need to stop allowing others to choose for you because you have a good head on your shoulders. You can figure out the right move to make without their assistance. Besides, what they want might not be what’s best for you anyway. You need to choose your own path. You need to demand what you deserve.

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In the past, you have allowed others to get away with walking all over you because you never wanted to cause any drama. You repeatedly chose to keep the peace instead of sparking conflict. But when you’re quiet about your complaints, it doesn’t make the problem disappear. It just means you’re the only one suffering from the problem, and that’s not fair to you at all. In your next life chapter, you need to be more assertive because there’s nothing wrong with speaking your mind. It can be intimidating at first, but it will be worth it in the end when you finally end up with what you deserve.

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In the past, you have chosen the path of least resistance, the path that everyone encouraged you to choose. But moving forward, you can’t automatically do what others want without checking in with yourself about what you would prefer. Although it’s scary to disappoint the people you love, you need to live your life according to your own rules. In your next life chapter, try to be more assertive instead of allowing others to make your decisions for you because they don’t know what’s best. Only you can make that decision for yourself, and it doesn’t matter who else approves of it.

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