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4 Zodiacs Who Need Supportive Partners (Or The Relationship Will Crash And Burn)

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Some zodiacs have their heart set on accomplishing their biggest, wildest dreams — and they aren’t going to let anyone stand in their way. If they have to choose between a partner and their passion, then they must be in the wrong relationship because they believe that they can have it all. They believe that the right person will encourage them to pursue their goals, not stand in their way. Here are some zodiacs who need super supportive partners, or the relationship will crash and burn:

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You can’t tell an Aries what to do. If you discourage their dreams or laugh at them because you feel like their expectations are too high, then this sign won’t want anything to do with you. They won’t remain in a relationship where there is even an ounce of disrespect because they know that they deserve better. They know that the right person will be standing by their side, cheering them on. Aries are go-getters. They are willing to work hard to get everything they want. They know their dream person and their dream career is in their future — so they won’t settle for one over the other. They’re going to have everything. They won’t stop until that happens.

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Leos are surprisingly big romantics. They want the type of love story that you see on the big screen. But they want a career that is just as grand. They aren’t going to give up their dreams in order to remain in a relationship because the right person would never look down on them for their big goals. The right person will admire their big goals. The right person will be proud of how much effort they’re willing to put into reaching their dreams. The right person will think their drive and desire is impressive, not a burden.

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Virgos are their own person with their own hopes and dreams and desires. They aren’t going to give up everything that they’ve worked so hard for in order to settle down. Even though the idea of falling in love excites them, nothing is worth giving up their dreams. This sign won’t want anything to do with you if you complain about how many hours they’re working or how much effort they’re putting into their passions. If you need to spend every waking moment with them, if you get jealous of their career or their success, then you are not the person for them. They won’t lower their standards or squash their own dreams in order to accommodate your ego. It just isn’t going to happen.

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Capricorns know that their work isn’t everything — but it’s a big part of their life. Being productive and achieving goals makes them feel productive. It makes them feel good about themselves. It makes them proud. If you make fun of what they do for a living (or the passions they’re pursuing on the side), then they are going to remove you from their life. They aren’t going to entertain anyone who tries to tear them down. A relationship doesn’t matter more to them than their own self-worth does.

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