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4 Zodiacs Who Need More Self-Compassion This Year


As a fixed earth sign, Taurus, you have a tendency towards stuckness, whether energetically, emotionally, physically, or mentally. This may lead to draining personal power. Although slow to anger, once you find yourself in that position, it’s often very difficult to leave. You may struggle in asking to receive help or support from others, as your practical nature can create a sense of incongruence between head and heart. You’re learning the art of receiving, which will space for the soft life you genuinely value. Typically reliable in relationships, you need to provide yourself with the same love and tenderness you long to provide for others. Only from this place of stability will authentic relationships reign.


Mother sign of the Zodiac, Cancer, you long to provide a sense of nurturance and home for those in your close support system. It’s a natural instinct of yours to protect those you care about. A byproduct of this tendency is to engage in forms of self-protection. This prevents you from exposing deeper vulnerabilities and building an experience of genuine trust. For you, growing in self-awareness is a worthwhile pursuit that will allow you to understand who you are and what you genuinely need. In order to experience the support you desire, you must learn to rely less on your hardened shell and instead get to know the importance of seeing the deeper you. Sensitivity need not be a personal downfall.


Passionate Scorpio, you contain a penchant for transmuting darkness into light and are deeply tied to the emotional world. Although this quality serves you well in many areas, you’re prone to feeling a sense of isolation or loss. Staying stuck in rigid cycles of self-blame will only enhance the sense of isolation you feel. Surrender and letting go are two key lessons for you. Although expressing more intense emotions may feel like a safer route than expressing personal vulnerability, being honest about how you feel will allow you to be more present in authenticity. In your core, you deeply value intimacy, and this develops as you learn to allow space for accepting the softness of your own humanity. Others want to be with you, and the foundation of love and connection start with the relationship we have with ourselves.


Ambitious Capricorn, you’re ruled by Saturn and known as the “taskmaster” of the Zodiac. Your wisdom makes you incredibly patient and able to see goals to fruition. You seek internal recognition, and if not developed as a conscious habit, may never experience this sense of self-validation you desire. Learning to celebrate wins both small and large, sharing personal happiness, will allow you to see yourself with more accuracy. Particularly during times of stress, you’re prone to seeking solitude. Although this may seem like a positive step towards productivity, learning to embrace your needs for rest and connection will ironically place you in a better position to achieve all of the many goals you’re capable of

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