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4 Zodiacs Who Need Good Communication In Their Relationships

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. You need to be honest with your partner about how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking—especially if you’re dating certain signs. Here are some zodiacs that you’ll have trouble dating if you’re bad with communication:


Virgos want to understand where you’re coming from and why you feel the way you feel. They aren’t going to last in a relationship unless there is one thousand percent honesty. After all, Virgos are overthinkers. Whether there is a problem that needs to be solved or the relationship is running smoothly, they are going to put a lot of thought into how to make (and keep) you happy. In order to do that, they expect you to provide as many details as possible so they can understand the situation fully and make informed decisions moving forward. But if you won’t meet them halfway and communicate your feelings, there’s nothing they can do.


Cancers are a sensitive sign. They need frequent reassurance that you’re happy in the relationship, that you’re still attracted to them, that you haven’t grown bored, that you’re not thinking about leaving. If you never say those three little words, then this sign is going to panic and assume that the relationship is doomed. They need a partner who is vulnerable about their feelings, who never leaves compliments unsaid. They aren’t going to last in a relationship where they have to guess what the other person is thinking or feeling. They need you to say it out loud. Spell it out for them.


Aquarius aren’t the best at communicating because they don’t’ want to bother anyone else with their problems and feel like they have the tools to deal with their issues alone. You might think this would mean you’ll be on the same page if you’re bad with communication too, but it will actually make your chances of opening up to each other that much lower. If neither of you is initiating conversations about your feelings, then you’re going to shut each other out. You’re never going to know what the other person is thinking because neither of you will be the one to open that avenue of conversation. You’ll both stubbornly stay quiet and the relationship could unravel.


Taurus aren’t going to hide anything from you — and they expect you to return the favor. They are searching for stable, loyal relationships where everything is out in the open. They aren’t going to be satisfied with a relationship where they’re constantly questioning whether their partner is telling the truth or whether they even care at all. Taurus need you to come to them when something is wrong so they’re informed of the situation. If you keep them in the dark, they are going to sense something is wrong and they will jump to the worst case scenario. It’s much better to fill them in on what’s actually happening than to let their imagination run wild, because they will think the absolute worst.

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