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4 Zodiacs Who Need Encouragement The Most


Geminis are so easily overwhelmed by their own feelings and need to surround themselves with people who know how to over-communicate. If a Gemini is constantly battling their own competing thoughts and feelings, they imagine everyone around them is doing the same, and they constantly are second-guessing how others feel about them specifically. So they need a boss who will tell them they’re performing to expectations, friends who remind them how fun they are to be around, partners who reassure them they accept them for who they are, anxiety and all. If not, a Gemini will invent all kinds of conflicts that simply don’t exist in reality. Because they let so much go unsaid in their own life, they only assume others do the same.


Scorpios need encouragement the most because, despite their cooler-than-most exteriors, they are the ultimate people pleasers. They want to know their parents are proud of them, that their friends feel supported by them in times of need, that their romantic relationships are the opposite of settling, and that at the end of the day, they’ve led lives that are anything but average. They want to be seen and remembered as the person who gave their best effort in all areas of their life. That they never left anyone wanting more, or disappointed in a wasted potential. They feel so fortunate for everything they’ve been given and feel a responsibility to put it all to good use. They just want someone to tell them they’re making the right decisions.


A Sagittarius loves to be singled out. They love tough love, and being teased, and any kind of special attention. They want to be pushed, for someone to take enough interest in them to care what or how they’re doing. They long for mentors or coaches to show them the way, teach them skills, and watch them grow. The lifelong student, Sagittarius looks to the world and all its knowledge as a challenge. They long to acquire as much as humanly possible. To have a broad set of skills and a wide perspective. They want to be accepted by groups different from the ones they were born into. To be the outsider who is accepted through acclimation. And they want to win the approval of the people they look up to most.


Virgos want the trophies, the ribbons, the awards, and the accolades. They live to have their performance evaluated, and for their capabilities to be translated into a final score. They need that quantitative confirmation that they are the best at everything they put their mind to, and they want that confirmation to come from someone who is qualified in the field. They want to impress the judges, the experts, the people in charge. They want to be validated by the people they aspire to become. To prove that they belong in the field and they have held a step above their peers.

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