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4 Zodiacs Who Need Complete Trust Before Giving You Their Heart

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Some zodiacs are open to the idea of dating near-strangers because they’ll get to know you as the relationship progresses. But other zodiacs are going to hesitate to make a commitment until they learn more about you, until they can say for certain that they can trust you with their heart. If you’re searching for love, keep in mind that these are a few zodiacs who need complete trust before giving you their heart:

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Taurus take a  while to open up to new people because they’re scared of getting hurt. They will remain cautious with you until they decide that they can trust you, that you have their best interest at heart and would never let them down. Until that point, they are going to keep you at a distance. They are going to limit how much time and energy they spend on you. Taurus are likely to form friendships with people they’re interested in dating first, so that they are able to learn more about them without making a commitment.

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Scorpios are naturally distrusting. They are going to be careful about who they place their trust in because they assume most people are only out for themselves. They assume most people are only going to hurt them in the end. Since Scorpios don’t have much faith in most potential partners, they will take a while to get comfortable around you. They need to know what type of a person you are deep down first. They need to make sure that you aren’t going to turn around one day and use all of their personal information against them. Until they can trust you, they won’t want to date you. They need assurance that this love won’t come back to bite them in the end.

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Capricorns are able to think logically, even when it comes to relationships. If trusting you seems unreasonable because of your behavior, then they aren’t going to commit to you. They are going to listen to their head and ignore whatever their heart is tempting them to do. They will only make a commitment if they know firsthand that they can trust you, that you will keep their secrets and tell them yours. This sign is perfectly fine staying single, and they will do so until they find someone who has their back. Someone who would never dream of hurting them, even incidentally.

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Sagittarius don’t want to waste their time. They have too much on their plate to focus on the wrong person. That’s why they aren’t going to commit to someone new without knowing the real them. They want to see every single side of this person before deciding whether they are worth the trouble, the effort, the love. Sagittarius are hard workers, but they aren’t going to work hard for you until they know that you will work hard for them. They need the relationship to be equal and filled with trust. Otherwise, it’s not worth the time it would take.

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