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4 Zodiacs Who Make The Best Matchmakers

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Some zodiacs have a better read on people and situations than others. They can tell when a pair would be perfect together, and when they would only be trouble. Here are the zodiacs who make the best matchmakers, and just might introduce their friends to the love of their life:

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You make an excellent matchmaker because you pay close attention to what makes people tick. You aren’t focused on superficialities. You are focused on the core of the person. You are usually able to tell when two people would work well together because you have a good read on their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses, their desires and fears. You’re better than most people at choosing dates for your friends because you don’t pick the obvious choice. You pick the choice that makes the most sense practically. The choice that others might not understand at first, but will grow to appreciate.

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You make an excellent matchmaker because your heart is in the right place. You genuinely want to bring happiness to the people around you. You want them to experience their own version of a happily ever after. Since you care about your friend’s happiness as much as you care about your own happiness, you are only going to set them up with someone if you are positive they would make a good match. You aren’t going to put your friend in a sticky situation because you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself. You will vet these dates properly and make sure they will treat each other right before introducing them to each other.

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You make an excellent matchmaker because you get to know people on a deep level. You aren’t going to match them up based on their looks or their careers. You are going to make sure that their personalities mesh well. You are going to make sure that they have the same senses of humor, the same idea of a nice date night, the same plans for the future. You aren’t going to set your friends up all the time, but when you do set them up, you are going to get it right. You are going to introduce them to someone who will change their life in the best possible way.


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You make an excellent matchmaker because you know your friends better than anyone. You understand what they are actually looking for, which might be different than what they claim they are looking for. Plus, you have a gift for seeing through BS, so you will be able to rule out people who aren’t going to treat your friends right. You are one of the most protective signs in the zodiac, so if you’re going to set someone up, you will make sure that their date is respectful and kind. You will make sure the experience will be a positive one overall because the last thing you want to do is put your friend through more stress and heartbreak.

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