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4 Zodiacs Who Love Their Hometowns Too Much To Leave

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Some zodiacs can’t escape their hometowns fast enough. They want to get out of there as soon as they graduate or get their license. But other signs don’t have the desire to move away. They are perfectly happy exactly where they are. Here are the zodiacs who are most likely to remain in their hometown as adults:


Taurus aren’t big on change, even if that change is good for them. The idea of leaving behind everything that they’ve ever known is intimidating, which is why they’ll usually come up with reasons to stay in their hometown for as long as possible. After all, they have so many fond memories there. They have more reasons to stick around than reasons to leave. Taurus might consider moving away if everyone else they care about has done the same, but if their family and friends are still living in their hometown, then they will feel pressured to stay too. They won’t want to disturb the status quo. Not when it means risking everything they’ve built there.

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Cancers grow deeply attached to the people they consider family. They won’t want to move across the country if it means leaving behind people that matter the most to them. Even though it might make more sense for them to move away financially, their sentimentality will usually keep them in their hometown. Or at least close to their hometown. They never want to be too far away from their loved ones. They want to be able to pull up in case there’s an emergency or a birthday party or any other big life milestone. Seeing each other over Zoom or Facetime isn’t enough. They want to spend quality time together in person.

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Pisces make decisions based on their hearts and their guts. The thought of leaving behind people that they love makes them emotional. At least when others are moving away, it feels like there’s nothing they can do. But if they chose to move away themselves, they would feel like they’re letting others down. They would feel like they’re abandoning the people they grew up alongside. Even though this isn’t true, it doesn’t stop them from feeling like moving away would end certain friendships and create distance where they don’t want distance at all. A lot of Pisces will stay in their hometowns because as badly as they want to make new friends, they don’t want to lose their old friends.

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Leos are a nostalgic sign — but they are also adventurous. They might take frequent trips so that they can see the world, or even move away for a while, but a piece of their heart will always remain in their hometown. They will feel the urge to stay because they want to uphold their favorite traditions and spend time with their favorite people. It will be tough for them to choose whether they want to move away and embark on new adventures or whether they want to plant themselves where they are and stick close to the people who love them. Whatever decision they make, they will feel like they’re missing out on a little something.

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