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4 Zodiacs Who Love Dressing Up And Pretending To Be Someone They’re Not

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Cancer loves to let out their dark side every once in a while. Fulfilling the role of caretaker, guardian, therapist, babysitter, and comforter wears on them. It’s a heavy burden to bear. So when Halloween rolls around, they want to go full Jekyll and Hyde, if only for a night, and embody the polar opposite of their personality through costume. The demure want to be sexy, the meek want to be powerful, and the unassuming want to be bold. It’s their one chance to live out their fantasy of danger, extremity, and excess. They’ll take risks, explore unknown territory, and have the time of their lives taking on a new identity for the evening, imagining a world where these qualities are simply a part of their everyday persona.


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Capricorns love to dress up as their antithesis on Halloween. If the rest of the year they are the perfect employee, friend, partner, or child, then October 31st is the one night they get to break all the rules. They will choose a character with no regard for society – a pirate, a drug lord, or a criminal. Someone who lives on the outskirts and takes what they want without worrying about how anyone else will be affected. They love the freedom of imagining a world in which they no longer have to live up to lofty expectations, where they live only for their own pleasure and make decisions based purely upon their own whims. Free from the constricting realities of their 9 to 5 and other obligations, the world is theirs for the taking, if only for the night.


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Libra wants to play a role, to step into the shoes of a character. Their well-rounded personalities don’t slip too far into any one category or direction, but once a year they get to go all in on one thing, they get to embody the stereotype. They imagine a world of obsession or necessity. They are the doctor, the nurse, the spy, the soldier, the construction worker, the firefighter. Someone with a duty to fulfill, and responsibilities to bear. Work-life balance goes out the window, and the mission is the only thing that matters. Their costume is that of the person who wakes up grinds, goes to bed, and then wakes up to do it all again. Libra is fascinated with that kind of calling or vocation and wants to try it on for fun.


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Virgo wants to become the thing they love on Halloween. The character they obsess about, the person they admire most, their ultimate fan obsession. Their level of detail borders on cosplay, and it’s likely the rest of the world won’t readily know, recognize, or appreciate their choice, but it makes no difference to Virgo. They just want to know what it feels like to emulate their obscure personal hero. It could be a character from a book, an athlete from their childhood, or a public figure who is far from the A-list. Virgo is nothing like this person in their real life but spends much of their free time thinking or wondering about them. Enough so that when it comes to putting together a costume, they know exactly where to start.

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