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4 Zodiacs Who Let Breakups Impact Their Self-Worth

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Ruled by Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty, the relationships you have in life matter deeply, Taurus. As an earth sign, your expression of love is often tied to being a provider and nurturer, making you one of the most romantic and giving partners around. When a breakup happens, it can shatter your world. You’re typically loyal in relationships and are methodical and practical when dating. When a relationship ends, it may trigger thoughts of l0w-self worth and you begin to question the type of provider and nurturer you are.

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You may be hesitant to enter new relationships, Cancer. You instinctively protect those you care for, and once you have attached yourself to someone new, the pain of heartbreak often feels unbearable. When a breakup happens, you may be tempted to run to isolation, blocking yourself from feeling and experiencing the many forms of love and connection there are in this world. You deeply long for a sense of intimate home and family, and may neglect to see the value you bring to the equation.

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Governing the House of Partnership, Libra, you’re astutely gifted with an ability to see others’ highest expression and intuitively know what they need in order to show up as the best version of themselves. As a social and generous sign, you’re prone to indecision and avoid confrontation at all costs. When a breakup happens, you likely question what it is you did wrong, or worse, what’s wrong with you. Your natural state is to be an incredible partner to others, and unfortunately breakups do not always bring us the type of closure we long for.

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When a relationship goes down, you likely go down with it, Scorpio. A sign with tremendous devotion and service to a partner, you may unconsciously attach the strength of your desire onto your partner instead of yourself. Your ability to be a devoted lover is a reflection of your own strength, not the strength of another person. After a breakup, it’s important to prioritize positive self-talk, as you’re far capable of moving on and achieving your own goals than you typically give yourself credit for.

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