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4 Zodiacs Who Know They’ve Found The One After Just One Date

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Aries have never been afraid of going after what they want, soulmates included, so if they have that insane chemistry one can only describe as ‘love at first sight’, they follow their gut instinct. Sure, they’ll stop short of heading straight to Vegas to seal the deal, but they will admit, down the road when it seems less insane, that they were sure the relationship was headed somewhere permanent as early as that initial meeting. Aries knows what they want, and they don’t struggle with self-esteem in the same way other signs do. Nothing seems impossible to them, only a question of putting in the effort. And when they meet the person who exhibits all the qualities they’ve been searching for in a matter of hours, something in them lights up and yells ‘Get to work’.

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Cancer never loses hope that their life partner is only one date away. It keeps them going and continues to motivate them even after weeks, months, or years of sub-par conversations over cocktails and shared appetizers. They know if they just keep introducing themselves to new people, getting through the small talk and the biodata, that a deeper connection is bound to naturally occur. All it takes is the right two people, in the right place, at the right time. They always leave the door open for love, and when it walks in, they’re ready, no questions asked. The same way the average person expects a package in the mail, that’s how Cancer expects to find their future spouse, and there’s no doubt when the moment comes, that this person is meant for them.

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Pisces doesn’t not believe in reincarnation, past lives, dejà vu, and any other spiritual indication that soulmates are predestined for each other. So if and when they encounter an individual who feels like someone they’ve known their entire life, they’re not immediately spooked or inspired to seek the advice of a mental health professional.

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It all falls under the jurisdiction and realm of possibility in their mind, and nothing short of epic and mythological could convince Pisces to give up their independence and attach themselves in a permanent way to another flawed human being. They’re not looking for someone to split a mortgage or pick out a mini-van with. They want a bond that feels like it could endure multiple lifetimes, and decades of separation, and still insist on reconnecting with their other half.


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No one knows that goofy, lovable, Sagittarius is secretly the most socially anxious. The one who worries about what everyone thinks of them and agonizes over a joke that wasn’t funny days after they told it. But a Sagittarius who experiences le coup de foudre on a first date? All sense of self-preservation goes out the window. They will follow this person they are magnetically drawn to around like a puppy dog in the most obvious way with no attempt to hide it. There is no playing it cool or smooth or debonair. There is only complete transparency, their heart on the proverbial sushi platter to be swallowed whole in a single gulp. Or trampled on. Or laughed at. Or simply ignored. But a Sagittarius face to face with their match will take the risk. Something inside will tell them it’s the only appropriate thing to do.

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