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4 Zodiacs Who Keep Jumping To The Wrong Conclusions This Week (May 20 – 24)

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We all like to think that we’re good at reading people. We want to understand everything perfectly so that we never have to go through the awkwardness of being wrong. Unfortunately, none of us can read situations correctly all the time. For the following four zodiac signs, you’ll be jumping to a lot of the wrong conclusions this week. It might be a bad idea to make any decisions based on these wrong opinions. Here’s why:

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You lead with your emotions. While it might feel like your emotions are a good barometer for reading social situations, that’s not always the case. Insecurity, trauma, and your wants and desires can create a bias there. That bias will cause you to jump to the wrong conclusions this week, but there’s a good way to avoid that: Don’t assume that you’re correct about something. If you’re feeling a certain way about someone, like questioning their motives or how they feel about you, just ask. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s better than being so spectacularly wrong.

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You overanalyze everything. Every interaction and you look for all the hidden meanings. If you like someone, each of their texts–or lack of texts, for that matter–get a 12-point inspection and a screenshot sent to your inner circle for analysis. Unfortunately, that means that you’ll read meaning into situations where there is none. And that’s why you’ll be jumping to the wrong conclusions this week. Sometimes a “hi, how are you” text is just the person saying “hi, how are you.” It doesn’t have to mean anything more than that.

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You assume the worst. You’ve been burned before, which means that you’ll read into every interaction, sure that the person has ulterior motives. And it doesn’t help that sometimes you’re right. Some people are terrible, and you use your successes in figuring that out as proof that you’re “always right.” Babe, no. You’re not. And especially not this week. Some people aren’t out to get you–they aren’t here to take advantage of you if you’re even a little bit vulnerable.

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You think you know everything. You’re very confident, which everyone loves about you. But that confidence sometimes means a bull-headed belief that whatever you perceive to be true is correct. Oh, how I wish that was how life worked. Truth is, you can be wrong just like everyone else. Sure, you might be right more often than others, but you’re not infallible. This week, you’ll learn all too well that you can be so wrong about someone. Hopefully, that confidence won’t be your undoing.

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