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4 Zodiacs Who Haven’t Been The Same Since Their Last Heartbreak

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Heartbreak can completely change a person. Whether you thought you were going to spend forever with this person or were crushing on them without having an official label on your relationship, losing them can make you change the way that you behave and think about the world. Here are the zodiacs who haven’t been the same since their last heartbreak:


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Your heartbreak really did a number on you. You’re still coping with the reality that you have lost someone you hoped would be in your life forever. Even though you might wish you were over them by now, it’s always going to take time to process such a huge change. However, you need to remember that change can be a good thing. You aren’t the same as you were before your heartbreak, but maybe that’s okay. You’re wiser now. You know what you deserve and what you should refuse to settle for in the future. Moving forward, you can ask for what you need instead of settling for the bare minimum. You can chase after the type of love that will genuinely fulfill you.


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You haven’t been the same since your last heartbreak because you aren’t sure how to handle the fallout. You aren’t sure whether you have the strength to get over this person completely. But your heart is much more durable than you think. Even though you are in pain right now, even though the world feels dark and hopeless, you have the ability to overcome what you’re experiencing. It might not happen today. It might not happen tomorrow. But the cynical way you’ve been thinking about love and relationships is going to change once you accept that this person wasn’t the right one for you. Remember, you’re allowed to be negative while you’re hurting. But when you heal, the way you think will change again.


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You haven’t been the same since your last heartbreak because this person mattered to you more than most. Losing them sucked the energy out of you. It’s been hard to summon up the effort to try when they are no longer in your world – but you need to remember that life can be beautiful without them. They weren’t the only thing capable of bringing you happiness. There are other people out there, friends and family members, who will keep you smiling. And one day, there will be a new partner who does the same. The person you lost wasn’t the only one capable of fulfilling you, even if you can’t see that yet. But you’ll see it eventually. And your mindset will change again.


You haven’t been the same since your last heartbreak because losing this person completely shattered your confidence. It’s been hard to think positively of yourself when you feel like you weren’t enough to make them happy. But their opinion of you isn’t the ‘right’ opinion. Other people are going to see you differently than this person saw you. You can’t take their feelings to heart because you simply weren’t right for each other. One day, you’re going to find your soulmate and they are going to love the things about you that this person only tolerated. They are going to make you feel like enough exactly the way you are. You just have to wait a little while longer to find them.

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