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4 Zodiacs Who Have Trouble Breaking Out Of Their Shell

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Some zodiacs are social butterflies. They’re able to strike up conversations with complete strangers without breaking a sweat. Other zodiacs are much more closed-off. They struggle to step out of their comfort zones and meet new people. Here are some zodiacs who have trouble breaking out of their shells:

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Virgos have a strict routine that they like to follow every single day. They need structure if they’re going to get all their goals accomplished in twenty-four hours. However, their drive to succeed can get in their way. It can trap them in the same routine and stop them from making new connections. Since Virgos are disciplined, they rarely step outside of the box they’ve created for themselves. This can cause their life to get repetitive. They have trouble breaking out of their shells because they don’t want to be unproductive and mess up their schedule – but sometimes, schedules are meant to be broken.

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This sign is stubborn. It’s not that they’re horrible at talking to people. It’s that they don’t want to talk to people. They value quality over quantity, so they feel like they don’t need any new friends. They already have a close circle of people around them they can trust – people who they feel free to act silly and playful around — so they keep themselves closed off to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, their fear of change can hold them back. It can stop them from developing deep connections with wonderful people. However, it’s hard for them to summon up the energy to venture outside of their comfort zone and interact with new people in new situations. They’re much more comfortable with the people they already trust, so they keep their guards high.

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This zodiac is represented by a crab because they feel safe inside their shell. They are shy in new social situations and usually blend into the background. At parties, they’re not the one dancing on tables. They’re the one in the kitchen, helping out behind the scenes. Even though Cancers feel more comfortable when they’re letting others enjoy the spotlight, sometimes this gets lonely. They love people so they want to make new connections. They simply aren’t sure how to go about the process. They don’t want to bother anyone or get in the way.

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This sign is cynical. They assume most people are only out for themselves and are bound to cause pain. They avoid getting too close to anyone because they think with their heads over their hearts. They know they’re safer on their own. Plus, this sign is much more focused on their career and financial situation than their social life and love life. They’re concerned about creating a safe, stable environment for themselves and don’t always have time to goof around and have fun. However, if they don’t give themselves permission to relax, they’re going to burn themselves out. They would benefit from breaking out of their shells because even though they’re independent, they can’t do everything alone. They need to rely on others every once in a while, even though it’s hard for them.

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