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4 Zodiacs Who Have Been Shielding Their Hearts For Years

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It’s not easy to put yourself out there, especially when you have had your heart brutally broken in the past. Some signs are willing to put themselves through extreme heartbreak again and again, but others are going to take precautions to protect themselves. They are going to avoid additional pain at all costs. Here are the zodiacs who have been shielding their hearts for years:

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You have been shielding your heart for years to avoid heartbreak. You have been isolating yourself and acting like you don’t need anyone else, even when you have been craving emotional connection. But moving forward, you don’t have to push everyone you meet away. It’s fine to be cautious with your heart, but you don’t want to close it off completely. You don’t want to miss out on opportunities to connect with people who you genuinely feel good about, who you want to get to know better. Don’t let your fear control you. Don’t talk yourself out of trusting someone who has given you no reason to doubt them. You can move at a slow pace. You can let down your walls slowly. But don’t keep them up forever.

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You’ve been shielding your heart for years because it’s been easier than letting down your walls and risking another romance. But the easiest path isn’t always the right path. If you want a relationship, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of one. You shouldn’t make it impossible for others to get to know the real you. Although you’re worried about letting the wrong person in, you don’t want to push the right people away either. You don’t want to regret the fact that you stayed so closed off. When someone special comes along, give them a real chance. Don’t assume history is going to repeat itself when there’s been no indication that’s the case. Don’t let yesterday ruin your tomorrow.

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You have been shielding your heart for years now. It has become second nature to you by this point. But you need to remember, you can make a change at any time. You can start opening up to people you think you can trust, even though it might feel uncomfortable at first. Showing your vulnerable side is never easy. It takes strength – but you are strong enough to do it. You can face your fears and love again. You can let down the walls you’ve been hiding behind for so long.

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You have been shielding your heart for years to avoid going through the same level of heartbreak you’ve experienced in the past. You don’t want to trust the wrong person again. You don’t want to allow history to repeat itself. While it’s healthy to be selective about who you let into your orbit, you don’t want to treat everyone like the enemy. You don’t want to assume how they’ll treat you, based on the way exes have treated you. Not everyone is going to have cruel intentions. Some people genuinely want to do right by you. They mean what they say. They aren’t trying to trick you. Although it’s hard to trust after being betrayed in the past, you don’t want to think the worst of everyone you meet. Let them prove themselves. Let them earn your trust.

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