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4 Zodiacs Who Have Been Losing Faith In Finding Love Lately

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You don’t need a relationship in order to be happy. But if you’re out there searching for love and can’t find it, it’s natural to feel frustrated. Here are some zodiacs who feel like they’re losing faith in finding love lately because none of their romances end up working out:

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Capricorn, you’re naturally cynical, so this isn’t the first time that you’ve felt your faith in finding love slipping. After all, you can’t stand most people. You prefer being left alone because you don’t want to be bothered with stupidity. However, you never intended on spending your entire life on your own. You assumed you would meet your person eventually – and lately you’re getting impatient. Even though you are totally independent and know that you don’t need a partner to be happy, you would love to settle down with someone special and start your future together. And you will someday. You just have to stay patient.

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Libra, you’re a hopeless romantic, so it takes a lot to shake your faith in finding love. However, life has done a number on you lately. You’ve started to question whether you are ever going to find someone who fits you perfectly, whether you are ever going to live out the beautiful love story that you’ve been daydreaming about since you were young. However, you are a catch. Anyone would be fortunate to have you by their side. Even though your faith is a little shaken right now, you can’t believe that pessimistic voice in the back of your head. You need to remember your worth.

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Pisces, you are a sensitive sign. Whenever someone hurts you (or even treats you a tiny bit different than they were before), you are heavily impacted. You take so many things to heart, which is why you’ve been losing faith in finding love lately. You’ve been struggling to stay optimistic, even though you’re usually the most positive person in the room. But the way you’re feeling is okay. It’s exhausting to keep getting your hopes up, over and over, only to have them come crashing down again. If you need to take a break from dating for a little while, that’s okay too. You don’t need someone else to be happy. You can feel fulfilled all on your own.

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Leo, you know that you’re hot stuff. You know that you have what it takes to make someone happy. But since you haven’t been able to find someone that works perfectly with you, your faith in love has been shaken. You’ve been disappointed so many times that you’re starting to lose faith in the possibility that you’ll meet your forever person. It doesn’t help that so many people around you are settling down with their perfect match. You’re a competitive person, so it’s hard not to be upset when it feels like everyone else is finding their person while you’re still stuck searching. But everyone’s timeline looks different. Some people find their match later in life. Just because you’re alone right now doesn’t mean you’ll be alone forever.

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